September 10 Evaluation Deadline

This is a reminder that the first evaluation deadline is approaching:  by September 10, the evaluation process meeting must be held.   Attached are resources to assist you.  The SIGNATURE PAGE is REQUIRED and must be turned into your Area HR administrator by September 15.  Please note: It is the evaluator’s responsibility to ensure that every licensed staff person you are evaluating has been trained and signed the signature page by September 10.
BloomBoard is not yet ready to launch.  We are working closely with our BloomBoard representative on this.  They are having difficulty uploading the district list of evaluators.  You will receive an email as soon as that upload is complete. 
1) Sign-in Sheet (REQUIRED) for the Evaluation Process meeting:   This Sign-in Sheet also has a bulleted list of required information that you need to review, per the Master Agreement.  
2)  Every licensed employee, even those licensed staff NOT being evaluated using BloomBoard, must be evaluated every year and meet this deadline. (See attached list of who is evaluated using a SB10-191 rubric and who will use the old evaluation system / narrative.) See attached: “SB10-191 Rubric OR Narrative?”
2) PowerPoint Notes Page “SVVSD Licensed Staff Evaluation Model 14-15”:  The updated PowerPoint notes from David Burnison were sent via Ella Padilla sent this information and the actual powerpoint on August 24.  This PowerPoint has most of the information you are required to review in the Evaluation Process meeting (Overview of BloomBoard, electronic access to rubrics, guidance on developing MSLs). 
3)  Supervision and Evaluation Timeline:  Required per the Master Agreement (review of required evaluation steps and timeline).  Please review with licensed staff as part of the Evaluation Process meeting.
4)  Data Sources:  Required per the Master Agreement.  This attachment is adapted from our dated Supervision and Evaluation Guidebook and can be used to review the data sources you may use for evaluation.  
Additional Resources:
  1. Link to additional video clip sent out last year on how to enter MSLs.  Last school year Paul Stecina, Dean of Students at Erie HS, created a video for teachers about how to enter the MSLs into BloomBoard. This video is OPTIONAL to use, but was very helpful to many people and so is included as a resource for you.  This video might better serve you later in the evaluation process.  LINK:   Select this video which demonstrates the step by step process for entering your MSLs.
  2. “Creating MSLs Guide”  This is the same supporting document sent out last school year to assist with entering MSLs into BloomBoard.

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