Communications in SVVSD

“Our goal is to have the most informed conversation related to education,” explained John Poynton, Executive Director of Organizational Development & Communications, “and for that to happen we need to create strong advocates and develop the capacity of our community.” During our Sept 12 seminar, Poynton explained how SVVSD has shifted from traditional public relations to public engagement.  As a district, we strive to create opportunities to engage the diverse perspectives and value the differences among us in order to work through challenging problems and concerns. This way, our community is feels informed, activated and able to access the information they need.

Some of the strategies our communications department engages in to develop the capacity of our community is through Leadership St. Vrain, a dynamic group of 45 community stakeholders who learn deeply about our education system at the local, state and national level. I

In addition to building community capacity is the intentional attention to our district mission, Academic Excellence by Design.  Everything from the conscious branding of school logos and mascots to our new district logo has been consciously aligned to promote academics as our collective purpose for being.

In times of critical need due to crisis support, administrators should extend the first call to their area superintendent or direct supervisor. Questions related to e-Newsletters, school websites, multimedia templates, direct mail and marketing questions can be directed to

Theresa Jennings (Area 1 & Skyline)
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
(303) 682-7213

Matthew Wiggins (Area 2 & Silver Creek)
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
(303) 682-7321

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    • Traci Haley on September 12, 2014 at 10:39 pm
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    Thank you for a great meeting this morning. I appreciate the time and effort that went into planning and implementing the seminar. This is such great support for us!

      • Diane on September 12, 2014 at 11:42 pm
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      Thanks Tracy, we appreciate it!

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