An Overview of Student Services


Learning Services

The Department of Learning Services (DLS) provides support in a variety of areas to students, staff, parents and the community. DLS areas of facilitation focus on all programs and initiatives supporting student learning and achievement.

DLS’s primary objective is to support District-wide, improved student achievement. In this process, strengthening collaboration, communication and partnerships with schools, parents and the community is at the center of our work. Connie Syferd leads the Department of Learning Services.

The sub departments of Learning Services are as follows:

Sub Departments

Student Services

JackieThe Student Services Department provides services to students who need additional support to ensure success with their learning experiences while attending St. Vrain Valley School District schools. Jackie Whittington leads the Student Services Department. Jean Rice is our Special Education Director (x57857).

The Student Services Building is located at 830 S. Lincoln Ave. in Longmont.

The sub departments of Student Services are as follows:

Sub Departments

District 504 Team
Medicaid Reimbursement Program
Main Street School Programs
Significant Support Needs Program (SSN)
CoAlt (Colorado Alternate Access Training)
Building Team Leaders (BLT)
LSAce Program (Transition program for 18-22)
Sunrise Stampede

Organizational Chart

To access an organizational chart and contact information click here.
Your very best place to start when you have a question is with your area coordinator:
  • Cynthia Arendt (x57847)
  • Erica Bowman (x57860)
  • Kate Rodriguez (x57824)
See SS Org. Chart 2014_15 Revised 10.3.14 to see the alignment of schools and programs for an overview of the oversight tasks within each sub-program.

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