Guilty of Over-thinking?

Sometimes the answer is much more obvious than I like to admit. I was definitely guilty of over-thinking tonight. I was zipping along converting my dinosaur books. Most of them went into the same category which includes dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, when I came upon a book about bog mummies. Gallantly, I searched through the grid pausing upon several categories. I was ready to debate my choice of where to put this title. Should it go into ANIMAL – since humans are after all animals.
Should it go into ANATOMY – since the scientists that discovered them, surely examined them to determine any anatomical abnormalities.
Should it go into the general PEOPLE category – but these remains were most likely not intentionally placed in these bogs for cultural reasons.
I even debated ENERGY – since they would have become a fossil fuel – eventually. Holli found all of this quite amusing and just kept telling me that I was “cold” or that I needed to “keep looking”. Finally, I got to HISTORY – ANCIENT – prehistoric people. Sure, now it seems so obvious!

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