Not Again!!

Tonight, I’m classifying non-fiction.The MARC records have been my frenemy tonight. I’m over thinking books about pink, history, military, disasters.  Are forest fire books environment or disasters? How much history in a book makes it history vs. military?  The Pink book says it’s language arts and geometric constructions. How is that even possible? It’s a book about pink things that little girls love. Holli helps with this- it’s actually a Concepts book in the BCS.   Where does this book about the pony express go? Some libraries have it in the 300s (Social Sciences) others in the 900s (History and Geography). Again, research helps- it’s a History in BCS.

Then, a huge discrepancy raises its ugly head. My Great-Aunt Arizona is classified in different BCS categories in 4 different schools.  After reading summaries and looking at MARC tags, I think this is definitely a biography. It has to go on the “Database Corrections” spreadsheet- it will be interesting to hear the thinking of others when we discuss this.

As I’ve often blogged, the thinking process can be daunting. But I am confident in the key words classifications. I’m certain the students will be able to follow the thinking that led to the placement of different titles. They probably will not even wonder why a title is where it is- it will just make sense to them.


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