On A Roll!

Just three of us today. It was so quiet and not many struggles with where to reclassify the titles on our respective lists. Midge and I made great progress! She managed nearly 100 non-fiction titles and I got through 30 or so fiction. We’re both delighted with our progress today, but as we have experienced in the past some days things go smoothly and quickly while other days trying to choose where a title should go is a painstaking process of checking Destiny, Mackin, Follett, Amazon, the Library of Congress, etc. followed by a lengthy discussion of where each of us thinks the title best fits. We had few questions and Midge and Holli assure me that once I get to the non-fiction, with the fiction reclassification experience under my belt, things will go more quickly.

I hope this won’t come back to haunt me, but my goal for the summer is to finish all of my fiction titles and find volunteers to help me resticker the books once school has resumed and we have all survived the iPad mini learning curve we’re anticipating.


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