Algae and Fungi and Spores, Oh My!

I started my evening with a book titled, The Zoo On You. “A color-illustrated overview of creatures that thrive on the human body, including head lice and nits, body lice, burrowing mites, follicle mites, bacteria and fungi, dust mites, ticks, fleas, and bedbugs.” After viewing some lovely photos and reading some delightful summaries we settled on NF HEALTH. Just as everyone stopped itching and squirming, I got to the section with books about other microorganisms. This was a rough section to go through for many reasons. I had to use the internet to define:
I tried to determine which were considered animals or just “animal-like”, plants or just “plant-like”. Some have their own unique classification which actually made it easier since I was able to put them into the generic SCIENCE category.
When I go home I think I will take some Benedril and a shower.

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