The ones that got away!

Finally ready to get labels for the PICBKS and moving on to reclassifying the Nonfiction, and changing the catalog for Fiction books to the BCS, and CMAS testing is done, I have been informed there are books in Destiny from the Easy collection that are not changed in the catalog. How could that be!? Strangely some migrated from Horizon even though I had them deleted on that system. Others need to be in Database corrections or moved to the correct collection in the BCS so that they are no longer showing in the Easy collection. It is easier to categorize them in BCS in the catalog now than to go through another step in the Dewey system.
I decided to set aside the other work in BCS to work this out so I can get PICBKS done…completely, even though I cannot actually physically change the section in the library because we cannot use the building this summer due to construction. I will fix the ones that got away before I leave the building so that I can be ready to organize the picture books upon my return to the building in August. I can’t wait to see this system in action!

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