Happy National Read An eBook Day!

A library staff recently commented that the creation of the District Digital Library  is” the best thing the district has done for libraries ever”.  This extension of the school library has been embraced by students, staffs and District administration. The usage statistics from Overdrive confirm this. In the past 30 days:

  • 13,425 copies have been checked out
      • 11,181 ebooks were checked out
      • 2,257 audiobooks were checked out
      • 97 videos were checked out
  • The top sites in each level were:
    • Mountain View Elementary School -155 checkouts
    • Altona Middle School – 3,758 checkouts
    • Silver Creek High School-  513 checkouts
    • Teachers-772 checkouts
  • At least one title has been checked out by 36 different sites.
  • The top title  checked out is Wonder by R.J.  Palacio.




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