Not Again!!

Tonight, I’m classifying non-fiction.The MARC records have been my frenemy tonight. I’m over thinking books about pink, history, military, disasters. Are forest fire books environment or disasters? How much history in a book makes it history vs. military? The Pink book says it’s language arts and geometric constructions. How is that even possible? It’s a […]

Fantasy? Adventure? Animal?

Whew am I glad to be mainly in the Non-Fiction collection! The catalog information is accurately descriptive of the book’s content. The content fits the keyword classifications. Actually, the keyword system works way better than Dewey at keeping similar content books together. Military history, animals, jobs, services, battles, gear, and machinery are all military, not […]

Details, details

Lots of detail work today!

The fiction re-cataloging is done, but there were lots of little corrections before the final reviews can be done by District Media services. These are now taken care of, and hopefully, the spine labels can be ordered and applied. The books are being shelved by genre so when the labels […]

Classifying, Shelving, Cataloging

This week, I began to actually began to relabel and re-shelve the fiction collection. As the books begin to be placed in their new genre order, it seems vital that the catalog call number should match the title placement. There will be very few titles that have a Fic Author classification, so, those old cataloging […]

NF and BCS

The initials may look intimidating. Translation: Non-Fiction (NF) and the Buchter Classification System (BCS). The NF work is going far more quickly than the re-classifying of Picture Books and Fiction. Now, I see why Holli had us complete those two sections first! I feel fairly adept at reading summaries and the Dewey and MARC classifications […]

Social Sciences, continued

Another evening of the Dewey 300s. Tonight’s classifications included my first Ready To Read (RTR) non-fiction titles. This is an interesting way to sort books. These books are shorter, smaller, and are often lost in the collection- squeezed out of circulation because they’re hard to find, or the language is too easy for the older […]

Returning to the Group

After a long break from the Buchter Classification System (BCS) group, it’s good to be back. Unfortunately, long breaks from making the brain think in new ways, leads to another learning curve experience. I needed to return to the grid, reviews, and digging into the meanings of words to re-classify my non-fiction titles. It’s very […]

Classifying Brain Workouts

As I continue to work on the non-fiction collection, my learning curve also continues. Tonight’s struggle was with Concepts vs. Social Sciences. The secondary grid has some deeper explanations. We talked about it- I LOVE collaborative thinking! But there are still titles that puzzled me: off I went to research. Concepts, according to deal […]

Non Fiction and the BCS

Today, I began the final step in converting Black Rock’s library to a full Buchter Classification System (BCS) site. Linda Bryan at Lyons Elementary and I began working in the non fiction collections.

In many ways, the steps are similar: Read reviews, look at related subject searches, see if another school has already reclassified this […]

Putting Our Heads Together

Our group has been divided, so that more people can make it to the meetings. This means that more work will get done, but in smaller groups. I enjoyed sharing ideas with Middle School librarians Penny and Bonnie. Our schools share a large number of fiction titles, so it’s great to hear opinions from a […]