Algae and Fungi and Spores, Oh My!

I started my evening with a book titled, The Zoo On You. “A color-illustrated overview of creatures that thrive on the human body, including head lice and nits, body lice, burrowing mites, follicle mites, bacteria and fungi, dust mites, ticks, fleas, and bedbugs.” After viewing some lovely photos and reading some delightful summaries we settled […]

The ones that got away!

Finally ready to get labels for the PICBKS and moving on to reclassifying the Nonfiction, and changing the catalog for Fiction books to the BCS, and CMAS testing is done, I have been informed there are books in Destiny from the Easy collection that are not changed in the catalog. How could that be!? Strangely […]

Not Again!!

Tonight, I’m classifying non-fiction.The MARC records have been my frenemy tonight. I’m over thinking books about pink, history, military, disasters. Are forest fire books environment or disasters? How much history in a book makes it history vs. military? The Pink book says it’s language arts and geometric constructions. How is that even possible? It’s a […]

On A Roll!

Just three of us today. It was so quiet and not many struggles with where to reclassify the titles on our respective lists. Midge and I made great progress! She managed nearly 100 non-fiction titles and I got through 30 or so fiction. We’re both delighted with our progress today, but as we have experienced […]

Digging into Nonfiction

Working on Topics in Curiosities, copying, pasting in different tabs all while hearing a colleague and Holli discussing Bog Bodies is the epitome of multitasking! I want to absorb that conversation as well as making progress on my NF list. Alas, still so new to the NF classification grid, I table the side conversation until […]

Guilty of Over-thinking?

Sometimes the answer is much more obvious than I like to admit. I was definitely guilty of over-thinking tonight. I was zipping along converting my dinosaur books. Most of them went into the same category which includes dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, when I came upon a book about bog mummies. Gallantly, I searched through the […]

Series discussion

Our lively discussion today covered several series books that we have touched on before – maybe a few times!

Erin Hunter and Kathryn Lasky are prolific authors who have both written several series for elementary and middle school students. Most of their series books are about animals – owls, cats, horses, wolves, bears, dogs, and […]

Animal, Adventure, Fantasy?

What a lively discussion we had today! I had missed the previous discussion on the Kathryn Lasky and Erin Hunter series, all centered around animals. There were still discrepancies in the catalog as to whether they belonged in animal, adventure, or fantasy. The Brian Jacques Redwall series, another animal based series, is definitely fantasy since […]

Don’t Forget to Laugh, No its Not Humor!

Tonight I am continuing to convert the correct call number in the catalog. It is a daunting task that I am finally starting to feel some reward in the completion. There is still along way to go but progress is becoming a happy word. We continue to have conversations around sets of books that have […]

Exploring authors continued…

I ran across a book by Truman Capote today called A Christmas Memory. I was struck by it since another book by Capote called In Cold Blood has been a favorite of mine since I first read it in college.

In Cold Blood is the true crime story of a murder that took place in […]