Algae and Fungi and Spores, Oh My!

I started my evening with a book titled, The Zoo On You. “A color-illustrated overview of creatures that thrive on the human body, including head lice and nits, body lice, burrowing mites, follicle mites, bacteria and fungi, dust mites, ticks, fleas, and bedbugs.” After viewing some lovely photos and reading some delightful summaries we settled […]

Guilty of Over-thinking?

Sometimes the answer is much more obvious than I like to admit. I was definitely guilty of over-thinking tonight. I was zipping along converting my dinosaur books. Most of them went into the same category which includes dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, when I came upon a book about bog mummies. Gallantly, I searched through the […]

Watersheds vs Watercycles

I have been working on my science section for the past view meetings. Most of these have been obvious choices. Only the books that seem to combine experiments and projects with the study of the science topics have given me pause. Those titles have required that I actually take a look at the book to […]

“It’s a process!”

Tonight I worked on a pile of miscellaneous oddities which did not seem to shout out obvious locations. That is the kindest way to put it. Luckily, I was the only one here so I was able to work one-on-one with Holli to hash out solutions. My questions were as varied as one could possibly […]

Odds and Ends (again?)

Wow! What a productive evening! Our small group allowed us to hash out tons of questions. It was so helpful to be able to bounce ideas off each other. We had discussions about numerous topics tonight and in most cases were able to resolve them. Those that weren’t, were put into a shared spreadsheet to […]


I am still trying to nail down a concrete set of guidelines for this category. I want to be able to read summaries, determine the reading level, see the format of a book and be able to make a decision as to whether it should be RTR or not. I know the subject matter will […]

Odds and Ends

It was good to get back into the BCS again after having been off for a while. In the interim, I have been amassing quite a pile of unrelated questions that I held to bring to the group. They ranged from whether or not to put a NF book in the RTR NF section to […]

Social Science Section – Ugh!

I have to say the Social Science Section has never been a favorite of mine even before this conversion project. Thus far this review process has not helped to change my attitude. It is difficult for me to dive whole-heartedly into this chunk of my collection and read multiple reviews for a topic that does […]

Holidays VS. Beliefs

Tonight I worked on my Dewey Decimal 200s section. At first things seemed obvious when titles named holidays that I am familiar with such as Christmas or Hannukah or when they listed religions that I have heard of like Islam. Then the distinction became a little more gray when the books were described as listing […]

Do Talking Animal Books belong in Adventure or Fantasy?

We had another big discussion about the Redwall series, the Warrior books and the Ga’Hoole series which all have animals as the characters. Originally we had decided they were Adventure books and approved them as such. Tonight we re-opened discussion because some felt they belonged in Fantasy. The characters in these stories are all animals […]