The ones that got away!

Finally ready to get labels for the PICBKS and moving on to reclassifying the Nonfiction, and changing the catalog for Fiction books to the BCS, and CMAS testing is done, I have been informed there are books in Destiny from the Easy collection that are not changed in the catalog. How could that be!? Strangely […]

Digging into Nonfiction

Working on Topics in Curiosities, copying, pasting in different tabs all while hearing a colleague and Holli discussing Bog Bodies is the epitome of multitasking! I want to absorb that conversation as well as making progress on my NF list. Alas, still so new to the NF classification grid, I table the side conversation until […]

About to order new BCS Call Number Labels!

I am very close to having the final changes in the catalog from our first collection conversion, so that I can get labels ordered for our Picture Book Collection. Thank you to Patrick and Holli for their teamwork on this part. I have been waiting for the time that I can see the BCS complete […]

In this case, Change is good!

Today was another step closer in the process to getting the Picture books done in our library. I wish it were done months ago, however every step has it’s importance. Daily there are students that ask questions that makes me say “if only we had the BCS in place” you would have what you are […]

Win, win situation.

As librarians we are often asked to gather books for teachers to supplement lessons and the curriculum as a whole. For me this is the best part of the job. I love seeing the books get used. I often discover a book that sits on the shelf undiscovered for months or neglected until a teacher […]

Miscellaneous topics…Not!

This meeting had a focus on helping another librarian narrow down categories for a group of books with various topics in the Nonfiction collection. I have not begun re-categorizing this area, but was ready to jump in and discover what everyone is doing with this collection. First thing that was apparent is that books that […]

Approved and ready for next step! by Sandy LaFever, Mead Elementary


I am very excited to be moving onto the next step in the library conversion process for our Picture book collection. This week I was able to work one on one with Holli to get all Picture Books approved in the BCS. All other PST members came to the Tuesday class, so I literally […]

Out here on my own tonight!

I was unable to go down to Media Services for the BSC because I loaned out my laptop among other issues. So, I worked from my office in the library. I used email and text to communicate with the group if needed. Must say, I got a lot done, it was very quiet and still […]

Value Of Collaboration

Well, what can I say the week of Fall Back and a room full of tired Media Techs…a punchy group indeed! Amazingly enough there was a lot more collaboration going on and much learning. We are split fairly evenly between converting nonfiction and Fiction. Those of us working on Fiction are engaged in the nonfiction […]

Here and there

Feeling like the horse at the back of the race with no chance to catch the pack. I know I came into the process after most librarians, but I really want to get caught up, so that I am a part of more of the conversations. Selecting new library circulation software and getting new schools […]