On A Roll!

Just three of us today. It was so quiet and not many struggles with where to reclassify the titles on our respective lists. Midge and I made great progress! She managed nearly 100 non-fiction titles and I got through 30 or so fiction. We’re both delighted with our progress today, but as we have experienced […]

Animal, Adventure, Fantasy?

What a lively discussion we had today! I had missed the previous discussion on the Kathryn Lasky and Erin Hunter series, all centered around animals. There were still discrepancies in the catalog as to whether they belonged in animal, adventure, or fantasy. The Brian Jacques Redwall series, another animal based series, is definitely fantasy since […]

Catch 22

Holli looked at my classification changes on the LYMS grid to approve or change my choices form last week and she had a similar dilemma with Catch 22 that I had. We discussed if it should go in humor – although it’s not laugh out loud funny, in history/war related – although it doesn’t involve […]

Just Some Thoughts

James Joyce hit a nerve today at our PST. Apparently he’s not anyone’s favorite author, but the book, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, is classified as both fiction and non-fiction at a handful of schools here in the District. I checked the MARC record and it is indeed classified as both […]

One Thing Leads To Another

The Complete Works of O. Henry seemed to be a straight forward classic, but something caught my eye on the spreadsheet, a little note next to his name, (pseud.). A pseudonym. I had no idea. I of course have always thought O. Henry was O. Henry. What was his real name? Well curiosity got the […]


We were a chatty crowd today, but I got a lot accomplished!

Having multiple titles by the same author who writes in a certain genre makes the progress a bit faster. Margaret Peterson Haddix books are always being checked out, appealing to the mystery and science fiction crowd. I need to investigate Lost Island a […]

Water For Elephants

I had Holli’s undivided attention today as I was the only one at our PST. Unfortunately I didn’t have many questions, but got through quite a few titles. The one title that presented questions was Water For Elephants, which I had not read, but fortunately Holli had. The reviews, topics, and genre in Title Peek […]

It Happened Again!

It happened again! A student approached me holding up the final book in the Last Survivors trilogy followed by, “Where do you keep the other books like this one?” After explaining our fiction is arranged by the author’s last name and not by genre we found a few others of interest to him, but every […]

Same Title Multiple Categories

History/Realstc? Animal/Realstc? A few of the titles we discussed from Lyons’ list today were reclassified under more then one category at other schools. Holli assures us that this discrepancy in the catalogue will be dealt with and fixed in the future so there is consistency throughout. Sometimes making the decision as to what the category […]

Slow and Steady Progress

Linda indicated that her principal was wondering about a timeline to finish the reclassification at Lyons Elementary. I can only hope that I will be done with my spreadsheets by the end of the summer. Sometimes the recatagorizing goes quickly, other times it is a slow and thought provoking process.

A Lesson Before Dying, a […]