St. Vrain Valley School District Digital Library Powered By Overdrive.

The Digital Library Committee is proud to announce the creation and official launch of our new St. Vrain Valley School District Digital Library powered by Overdrive. This process, which started last summer, began with funding from the curriculum department and quickly included instructional technology, media and library staff for library collection guidance and process creation. […]

Series discussion

Our lively discussion today covered several series books that we have touched on before – maybe a few times!

Erin Hunter and Kathryn Lasky are prolific authors who have both written several series for elementary and middle school students. Most of their series books are about animals – owls, cats, horses, wolves, bears, dogs, and […]

Exploring authors continued…

I ran across a book by Truman Capote today called A Christmas Memory. I was struck by it since another book by Capote called In Cold Blood has been a favorite of mine since I first read it in college.

In Cold Blood is the true crime story of a murder that took place in […]

Exploring new authors

One of the perks for me in doing this BCS reclassification project has been finding new authors to read. Today I found a couple that I will be adding to my reading list.

Joseph Bruchac has written in a wide variety of genres and we have several of his titles in our library. Code Talker […]

History and not history

It’s funny how sometimes when I randomly pick out books in the list to work on, I end up with a group of the same category. Even when the books are written by several different authors.

Today’s category was history. We talked about Kira-Kira and Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata. Kira-Kira is a story about a […]

Sports vs Realistic?

I took some time tonight to look at a series of books by Sigmund Brouwer. He’s a Canadian author who has written several books, including some for Young Adults published by Orca Books. They are high interest books with lots of action.

Quite a few of these are in the Orca Sports series so my […]

Pushing on

Tonight I was trying to move through as many books on our list as possible. I’m anxious to see more progress toward having the fiction converted. I feel the year slipping away as we get closer to TCAP testing and soon after that, the end of the school year.

There was a book about a […]

Between two worlds…

Reading a review of a fantasy book with characters stuck between their own time and an ancient world, it dawned on me that our libraries are caught between two worlds at the moment.

For those of us working on this BCS project and redoing the categories for an entire library, it’s quite a time consuming […]

Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

Remember that guessing game you had your kids play during long car rides or boring rainy days? That’s what it feels like we’re doing sometimes when we’re categorizing books. Tonight I was skipping around in my list, picking authors at random. EMS has quite a few books by Kathryn Lasky so she was one of […]

Moving along… slowly

This is one of those days when I don’t want to stop working through my book list in order to blog. (Holli will laugh at this – I never want to blog!) I categorized quite a few titles tonight and didn’t get bogged down but I still seemed to be moving along very slowly. I […]