WIDA CAN DO Descriptors, Progress Report, Language Function, Language Scaffold


CAN DO grades PreK – K

CAN DO grades 1-2

CAN DO grades 3-5

CAN DO grades 6-8

CAN DO grades 9-12


CAN DO Progress Reports can be used to identify the increasing quality and quantity of your students’ language processing and use.

ELA Progress Report1 (preK & K)

ELA Progress Report2 (1-2)

ELA Progress Report3 (3-5)

ELA Progress Report4 (6-8)

ELA Progress Report5 (9-12)


Language Function based on descriptors. It describes what student’s can accomplish at each level.

Language Function (k-5)

Language Function (6-8)

Language Function ( 9-12)


Language Scaffold based on descriptors. It helps teachers differentiate  instruction.

Language Scaffold – Elementary

Language Scaffold – Secondary