Update: State board assessments in science, social studies, English language arts and mathematics

New Assessment Update

Staff provided the board with an update on the new content assessments being implemented in 2014 for science and social studies and in 2015 for English language arts and mathematics.

Science and social studies:

  • The new science tests will be administered in grades 5, 8 and once in high school and social studies in grades 4, 7 and once in high school.
  • The new science and social studies tests are intended to be administered online.
  • Tests will include selected response items, constructed response items, and – for the first time – simulations and performance-based tasks.  Staff previewed several samples of these more interactive and engaging performance tasks.
  • In order for local districts to administer the science and social studies assessments online, an online readiness survey is being administered. Each district has identified a district technology coordinator who will complete the survey.
  • There will be opportunities for districts to be involved in the development of the new tests including item writing, item review, cognitive labs, field testing, anchor paper selection and data review.

English language arts and mathematics:

  • Colorado serves on the Governing Board of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) which is creating tests in English language arts and mathematics for states to use grades 3-11 beginning in the spring of 2015.
  •  Sample assessment items from the PARCC system can be viewed here.



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