Unit Plans on Google Docs

The Unit Plans for the 2013-2014 school year have been transferred to google docs and posted on the District website. These updated documents can also be accessed through the SVVSD Portal under the “Curriculum” tab.

In order to “be green”, we do not encourage teachers to print the unit plans.  Keep in mind, too, that as a google document, you now have constant access to any updates that may be made at your grade level.  However, if you operate your classroom best by a hard copy, please enter through Mozilla Firefox and click on “printable view” at the bottom of the page.  You may then find the unit you’re looking for, within that content area to print.
When teachers click on the new links to assessment or instructional resources, a Google collection should open (login to your Google Applications may be required).  These documents will appear in your Google Documents “home.”  Once the documents appear in your “home,” you can remove them or organize them as you wish within your Google Documents collections.  For the best printing and viewing of these documents, it is suggested to download these documents from Google Documents before printing.

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