Today, at our Learning Leaders meeting, we reflected on the need for schools to develop a Target. A Target is a one-page document that clearly states the school’s goals for instructional improvement.  People who are involved in knowledge-work are more likely to embrace these  organizational goals if they have say in their creation.  This collaboration is often a balancing act between freedom and structure.  It is my opinion, when any team, staff, or professional organization embarks on developing goals they are in fact creating a powerful FOCUS.

“Focus sets a purposeful direction, brings meaning to our work, and helps us make better choices.  In work-life, you can either be the hammer or the nail. You can apply force and energy where you want it to go, or you can react to outside forces. The more you react instead of act, the harder it is to set your own direction.  A collaboratively developed target gets all on the same page, keeps us on an agreed upon course and sets a positive direction for a team.  A typical school day can be packed with many things to do, many of which have nothing to do with a well designed plan. When your mind and efforts are scattered like that, nothing gets done well, and some high priorities may get set aside or forgotten. With focus, distractions are kept to a minimum and your days are spent in a meaningful way. Motivation is high.  You have control and success will follow.”  Learning Leaders Google Group


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