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Welcome to the curriculum blog and resource website for the St. Vrain Valley School District!  This site is associated with the Department of Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction at the Learning Services Center.  All pages are maintained by Kahle Charles, K-12 Executive Director of Curriculum for the District.  If you have further questions or inquiries, please use either of the following contacts:

Department Overview 

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction supports the district-wide development of rigorous, relevant curriculum and supports implementation of best instructional practices to sustain high student achievement.  Our vision is to:

  • Develop and implement, with fidelity and accountability, a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is standards-based.
  • Increase student achievement by focusing on what students need to know, understand, and be able to do, and how it is measured at each grade level.
  • Empower teachers with research-based instructional strategies and resources.
  • Provide knowledge, guidance, and support to building level leaders and student support staff in the areas of professional development, intervention systems design and educational change.


It is the Executive Director’s task to work with Learning Services personnel, principals, school teams, and individual teachers on curriculum issues and implementation as well as school-wide and individual instructional improvement.  In addition, the Executive Director works closely with the professional development and assessment staff to support a comprehensive curriculum program.  Supervision and leadership of the District curriculum coordinators is also a responsibility of the Curriculum Executive Director.  Standards-based instruction and databased decision-making are areas of emphasis at both the district and school levels.

  • Support the existing curriculum programs PreK-12.
  • Facilitate and supervise the review, adoption, and implementation of District curricular materials.
  • Facilitate the standards-based alignment of PreK-12 standards, graduate competencies, assessments, curriculum, instruction, and reporting.
  • Directs the district’s Concurrent Enrollment, eLearning, Science to Go, and Media Services departments.
  • Design and facilitate professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Customize support for school-based improvement based on identified needs and goals.
  • Respond to the emerging issues in education with research-based solutions.
  • Supervise and lead the District curriculum coordinators.
  • Oversee the District curriculum budget.
  • Communicate with the Board of Education, staff, and the public regarding the District curriculum program.
  • Provide knowledge, guidance, and support to building level administrators and problem solving teams in the areas of professional development and intervention systems to increase student achievement.
  • Problem solve with individual providers, teams and building level leaders to ensure quality interventions.
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of student support systems and/or the modification of existing systems to meet the unique learning needs of students.

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