Emily Burnham Learning Report

In this learning report, Emily shares her learning about ActivInspire and iLife

Download (PDF, 58KB)


Julie Tyrrell Report on Teacher Learning

In this learning report, Julie Tyrrell. media tech at Legacy Elementary, shares her learning about using a Smart Cart to enhance instruction in the library and how important professional learning is for growth and improvement.

Download (PDF, 1.49MB)

Team Steele Learning Report

In this learning report, Jamie Steele and his team at Frederick Elementary school share their learning.

Download (PDF, 142KB)

Paige Gordon Learning Report

In this report, Paige Gordon, Legacy Elementary teacher, shares her learning about ActivInspire, iMovie, Podcasting and learning in general.

Download (PDF, 138KB)

Tyrrell DLC Digital Abstract

In this visual abstract The Legacy team explores how using C.A.R.S. can help students evaluate digital and print resources.


Heritage – Fenster Visual Abstract – DLC – Vocabulary

In this visual abstract the Heritage team focuses on vocabulary to help students access math content.

Golden Eagles Learning Report

In this learning report, Elizabeth Lange and her team at Eagle Crest Elementary share their learning around many technologies including ActivInspire and Infinite Campus.

Download (PDF, 54KB)


Charlie Garcia Learning Report

Charlie Garcia, Erie Elementary teacher, shares his learning about tools and strategies for sharing student work and communicating online.

Download (PDF, 72KB)

Charlie Garcia’s website can be found here.

Music and the Creative Writing Process

In this learning report, Chuck Martin and his Frederick Elementary team explore what happens when music is integrated into the creative writing process.

Download (PDF, 7.42MB)

Related Media

Video of students working through the creation process

Lexia Leads to Learning


Lexia is a piece of software that teachers at Frederick Elementary were required to use with all their students during the 2011-12 school year.  Lexia Reading software supports reading skills development in students at all levels of ability by building skills with explicit practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while promoting gains in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  We wanted to know if the Lexia software would work for our students.  Would students’ reading scores improve with consistent use of Lexia?  Each teacher worked to implement the Lexia program into their classroom and reach the usage requirements for their grade level.  We used reading data that was already being collected for general assessment to see if students using Lexia showed reading gains.  Students did not show significant reading gains that could be attributed to Lexia usage.  Some concerns are scheduling, setup, computer glitches, student time on task, tools and Lexia components.  We recommend that our school rethink mandatory use of Lexia for the entire student body.  Instead specific students should be chosen for targeted, intensive intervention.  The computers designated for Lexia should be scheduled so that those students can meet recommended per week usage.  Overall Lexia is a valuable piece of reading software that offers skills practice that students can do independently.  We will continue to think about best use of Lexia for Frederick Elementary.

Download (PDF, 1.8MB)