Food Waste Reduction Event

Congratulations to Blake, Mai and Zach for a successful presentation of our Green Star Ambassador Program at the K-12 School Food Waste Workshop!

This workshop was presented in collaboration with the Douglas County School District and the Environmental Protection Agency Region 8. In attendance at this conference were notable figures including Ms. Jenkins, Ms. Till, and Ms. Brink from the EPAChef Sally from Livewell Colorado, Chef Ann from the Chef Ann FoundationPatrick Bultema of FoodMaven , Michele Melio from Eco Cycle, and Shelly Allen, SVVSD Director of Nutrition & Warehouse Services  to name a few.

Eagle Crest’s role was to explain our Green Star Ambassador Program. Not only did Blake, Mai and Zach create an informative presentation, they did an amazing job speaking to the audience, sharing their enthusiasm for how we compost and recycle efficiently in the cafeteria, and detailing their roles in helping our students and staff develop sustainable habits.

Zach, Blake and Mai participated in a panel discussion and thoughtfully answered questions about how our program works and what inspires them to care about our earth. When Blake was asked what inspired him to compost and recycle, he explained, “Green Star was always around me, so I just wanted to do it.” Mai was asked about whether or not students bring home compost and recycling values. She answered, “I teach my parents what goes in the compost, recycle and trash. I am waiting for my own compost bin!” And Zach described how we sustain our composting and recycling program at Eagle Crest, “We make it fun to compost and recycle at school with contests and games.”

Other subjects discussed at the workshop were the importance of food as a universal experience, the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge, the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, practical tips on food waste reduction in schools, and a tour of the composting, kitchen and garden facilities at Rocky Heights Middle School. We learned how to conduct a food waste audit and how to develop a food share table at our school — two ideas we are going to implement! With the knowledge that forty percent of our food ends up in landfills, we need to Feed People Not Landfills, and understand where our food comes from. The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry | Save The Food shows the journey our food takes from the farm, to the table, and to the trash.

Thanks to Katrina Brink and Virginia Till for their guidance, Michele Melio (and everyone) from Eco Cycle for inspiring us to compost and recycle, Mrs. Schwirtz for helping our students prepare, Mr. Ball for supporting our STEM Explorers program, and Blake, Mai and Zach’s parents for providing encouragement and support.

We are all so proud of you, Mai, Blake and Zach!

Check out our Green Star Ambassador Program Presentation Video and photos from the day:




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