On Thursday, we had a CU Science Discovery S.T.E.M. field trip! What a great day! When we first got there we met in a room and talked about safety and rules. Then we got to code using the Edison robot. We learned that with 2 Edisons you can make a printer, and with 4 Edisons you can make a 3D printer.

Then we went to the maker space. We got to use saws, drills and all sorts of tools! We got to think and make ideas for a prototype that is a new idea and something that could help animals or even maybe disabled humans.

Then we went and did the Hybrid Learning in Earth and Space Science. We used Liquid Crystal Thermo-Chromatic sticker sheets. We used those to see how hot it would get at different angles that the sun shines on the earth, then we measured the temperature in Celsius

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