Transitional Bilingual Program

K-5 Transitional Bilingual Program

The Transitional Bilingual Program utilizes native-language instruction for Spanish speaking students with a literacy focus in both Spanish and English.  Programming also provides the opportunity for English Language Learners to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. Instruction focuses on English Language Development (ELD)  and content learning.   The Transitional Bilingual Program includes the following:

 Available in the following elementary schools:

  Columbine                            Indian Peaks

   Northridge                          Rocky Mountain

Thunder Valley K-8             Timberline Pk-8


  • Starting in kindergarten, and continuing through third grade, the language of instruction transitions gradually from Spanish to English. (See the Transitional Bilingual Instructional Model and grade-level schedules links).
  • This model has been chosen due to research that indicates when there is a good foundation in academic Spanish literacy; there is a successful and gradual transition from Spanish to English for bilingual students (Thomas & Collier, 2001).
  • 45 minutes daily of whole group ELD using the district-approved Avenues curriculum is provided in grades K-5.
  • The ELD block includes whole-group instruction with some flexible grouping based on student language acquisition level.

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