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Teaching the Gifted to Get Things Done

Teaching the Gifted to Get Things Done

Live Webinar Presentation!

Many gifted students struggle with the executive function skill of time management.  Come hear educator and author Marydee Sklar connect your child’s behavior to their brain. Learn “why” your bright student struggles and gain insights into “how” to develop crucial time management skills.

Marydee Sklar has presented twice at NAGC conferences and is the author of the Seeing My Time® program that develops time-management, planning and organization skills.  Her latest book is for parents: 50 Tips to Help Students Succeed – Develop Your Student’s Time Management and Executive Skills for Life. Learn more about Marydee at

Thursday, February 25

6:30- 8:00 pm

Thompson School District Boardroom

800 S. Taft Ave.Loveland,CO 80537


Michelle Stout – GT Parent Liaison     800 S. Taft Ave., Loveland, CO  80537