CU Wizards February Show: “Biochemistry for Kids!”

CU Wizards February Show: “Biochemistry for Kids!” Saturday, February 25, 2017  9:30-10:30 a.m.
(Arrive by 9:15 to get good seats!), Cristol Chemistry Rm 140

Presented by CU Professors Deborah Wuttke and Dylan Taatjes.  This show will capture the imaginations and invigorates all senses! Lively, kid-friendly science demonstrations involving dramatic color changes, explosions and mysterious glowing gooey stuff that cannot necessarily be explained by current scientific understanding! Students learn about energy, chemical reactions, and pH while having heaps of fun! For students k-12 and families interested in learning about science!  Please visit this link for more information.



Gifted Brains Parent Meeting Powerpoint

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48 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted Children

48 Essential Links for the Parents of Gifted Children


These organizations help gifted students and their parents get the education, emotional support, and guidance they need to grow up happy and well-adjusted.

  1. National Association for Gifted Children: The National Association for Gifted Children is one of the best places for parents of gifted children to find resources, reading, help, and advice on raising an exceptional child.
  2. IAGC: The Illinois Association for Gifted Children is just one of many state-centered organizations for gifted kids. Parents can join, find other families, and even attend special events.
  3. Gifted Child Society: The Gifted Child Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the cause of gifted children. Through their website, parents can find helpful information and learn about seminars and workshops they can attend.
  4. GPGC: The Governor’s Program for Gifted Children is a seven-week residential summer enrichment program for gifted students. Parents can learn more about the program, held at McNeese State University, from their website.
  5. SENG: SENG is short for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted and is an organization that wants to help ensure that gifted children are understood, accepted, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, and workplaces.
  6. Mensa for Kids: Mensa embraces younger members through this fun website, offering up monthly themes to get kids reading and learning at an advanced level.
  7. Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration: Find out more about the latest research being done into academic acceleration through this organization’s site.
  8. Center for Talented Youth: Located at Johns Hopkins, this organization engages gifted kids and their families through programs, summer classes, and even a bi-monthly magazine.


Find quick 140-character-or-less quips and updates about working with, parenting, and helping gifted children from these excellent Twitter feeds.

  1. @DeepWatersCoach: Lisa Lauffer works with the group Gifted Grownups & Parents of Gifted Children, offering support through her Twitter feed and beyond.
  2. @gifted_guru: Head to this feed to hear from Lisa Van Gemert, a gifted youth specialist for Mensa.
  3. @JeffcoGifted: This nonprofit group of parents, teachers, and community leaders tweets about advocacy and resources for gifted kids.
  4. @HoagiesGifted: Head to this feed to get resources and articles aplenty about gifted education and parenting.
  5. @laughingatchaos: Jen is a mom raising gifted kids. She shares her experiences, both the good and the bad, here and on her blog.


These blogs offer excellent advice and resources to parents, teachers, or anyone working with gifted children.

  1. Gifted Children: Carol Bainbridge, an expert on gifted children, maintains this blog, which is chock full of learning ideas, information, and more.
  2. Parenting Gifted Kids: Head to this blog, written by gifted educator Sarah Robbins, to learn more about how to challenge and help your gifted child.
  3. Gifted Exchange: This blog focuses on gifted kids, touching on issues of schooling, parenting, education, and more, all written by the staff at the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.
  4. The Prufrock Blog: Prufrock is one of the leading publishers of materials for gifted, advanced, and special needs students. On this blog, you’ll find updates on their latest releases.
  5. Unwrapping the Gifted: Head to this Education Week blog to hear from Tamara Fisher, a K-12 gifted education specialist. She gives great insights into gifted and talented education.
  6. Parents of Gifted Children Resource Group: Here, parents can find resources and make connections with other parents of gifted children.
  7. Help Me With My Gifted Child: Not sure how to help your gifted child? Look to this blog for answers, with information about gifted programs, enrollment testing, and parenting.
  8. Gifted Parenting Support: This blog is an excellent place to read more about how to parent and educate children who are gifted and talented.
  9. Gifted Guru: This blogger offers up resources, books, commentary, and more on the subject of gifted education.
  10. Gifted Education Perspectives: Follow this blog to learn more about all things gifted, from what defines it to how to best educate bright students.
  11. Creating Curriculum for Gifted Children: This blog approaches gifted kids from an educator’s perspective, but parents can also learn new ways to challenge and interest their children.
  12. Gifted Education Consultant: Sonia White, author and gifted education specialist, shares her passion for helping gifted children through this blog.
  13. Gifted Phoenix: On this blog, parents can find some insights into giftedness issues, education, and parenting, from a New Zealand perspective.
  14. Byrdseed: Focusing on creativity, accelerated learning, literature, and more, this blog offers resources and inspiration to gifted educators and parents of gifted kids.


If you’re looking for resources to help you parent, choose a school, or just support your child, these sites are great places to start.

  1. Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page: On this site, you’ll find a bit of everything, from conference listings to tips on understanding your gifted child, making it an excellent resource for any parent.
  2. Gifted Development Center: Looking for information about giftedness and how to raise a gifted child? Dr. Linda Silverman provides both on this helpful site.
  3. Gifted Child Today: This open-access journal is a great read for parents who want to learn more about how to cater to the needs of their gifted child.
  4. Gifted Child Quarterly: Another open-access journal, this journal is a bit more scholarly, publishing research done on giftedness and talent development.
  5. Summer Camps for Gifted Children: Looking for a great way to keep your child busy and learning over the summer? These summer camps could be a great choice.
  6. Exquisite Minds: Parents and teachers who work with gifted children can find resources, online games, tips, tools, and more on this social site.
  7. Royal Fireworks Press: Head to this publisher’s website to find great reads for both you and your gifted child, especially if you’re homeschooling.
  8. BrightKids: BrightKids is a discussion group for parents of gifted children and is maintained through MENSA. You can join here and get tips and advice from other parents of bright kids.
  9. Schools for the Gifted Child: Wondering where to send your gifted child? This site lists schools in six countries.
  10. KidSource Gifted and Talented: KidSource has collected a number of great resources and articles on gifted kids that can be a big help to parents.
  11. Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers of Gifted Youth: Mensa is a great place to look for help with a gifted child. Here, they offer up a collection of resources for parents and teachers that ranges from lesson places to fun activities.
  12. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum: Even if you’re not homeschooling your child, this site offers a chance to get resources and talk to parents who are also working to raise gifted children.
  13. Genius Denied: This is the website for the book Genius Denied, an expose of the ways in which the American education system often ignores its brightest students.
  14. Gifted Children’s Bill of Rights: This resource will help you learn how to stand up for your kids and make sure that his or her rights are being respected.
  15. Gifted Journey: This site is a great resource for learning about giftedness, touching on everything from bullying to IQ tests.
  16. teachfine on gifted and ed tech: This site collects resources that combine gifted education and technology, creating a great list of articles and sites that parents and kids can use to learn.


These articles will help you stay informed and educated about issues relevant to your gifted child.

  1. Gifted Students Go Dumb to Fit In: Is your child lowering his or her potential in order to fit in with peers? This article explores the stigma of being smart.
  2. Gifted Children Need Help, Too: Many teachers and parents believe that smart kids don’t need help; they’ll do well on their own. This just isn’t the case, as you’ll learn here.
  3. The Drama of the Gifted Child: Being a gifted child isn’t easy, as you’ll learn from this Psychology Today article.
  4. Hey, Teacher, Get Help Somewhere Else: Make sure your child isn’t working as a teacher’s aide in his or her classroom, a common occurrence as this article explains.
  5. Top 10 Myths in Gifted Education: Learn some of the biggest myths about teaching gifted kids from this great YouTube video

Stanford High School Summer College

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A Mental Health Parent and Community Event

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Dr. James T. Webb 11 Key Issues of Giftedness

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Western Academic Talent Search

The Western Academic Talent Search is an academic talent search program based on above-level testing and optimal match. Since many bright young students achieve above grade level, the talent search may more accurately measure their abilities than traditional in-grade achievement tests. The SAT, ACT, and PSAT tests provide a higher ceiling and valuable assessment information for young academically talented students. Taking these tests also provides students with early experience in taking college entrance-type tests. Students who have participated over the years report increased comfort with standardized testing and significant score gains based upon Talent Search experiences.


CAGT 2016 Parent Institute

Academic Games National Competition

St. Vrain Students Earn 13 Awards at Academic Games National Competition!

SVVSD students exceeded expectations by earning thirteen awards during their recent participation in the Academic Games League of America competition in Atlanta, Georgia.  The event incorporates games focusing on academic topics such as high level mathematic problem solving, recognizing language techniques used in persuasion, deciphering symbolic logic, comparing data in set theory, reviewing major political and cultural events, analysis of U.S. Presidents, and application of advanced language arts skills.  Students from various St. Vrain Valley schools competed against students from across the nation.

Olivia Ramirez earned a perfect score in elementary division for On-Sets and is considered a National Champion!  Carter Kruse earned an individual medal for 9th place in middle division of Propaganda.  Chloe Kruse earned 2nd place in elementary division for Propaganda, bringing home the highly coveted Thinker award – the first for the State of Colorado.  Two hundred and fifty four students competed in elementary division Propaganda.

In addition to the three outstanding individual awards mentioned above, St. Vrain scholars came home with medals including 8th place in Team Propaganda for the elementary division, and 2nd place in a section of Team Equations for the elementary division.

Participation in the Academic Games League is open to all students, grades 4-12.  To learn more about the games or competition, visit  If a student is interested in participating with next year’s team, email for practice schedule information.  Practices begin June 20th.

AGLOA Picture

(Left to Right)  St. Vrain Valley School District, Academic Games League of America Team

Front Row: Mackenzie Ross, Sam Fallon, Tiffany Yie, Olivia Ramirez, Chloe Kruse, Breona Fung, Marie Ciminski, Ian Greenspan, Adi Bhushan

Second Row: Zoie McDowell, Katie Larson, Emiley Yie, Carter Kruse, Sid Bhushan, Joe Ciminski

Third Row: Kaden Sisk, Madeline Culwell, Alex Arnold, Michael Doan