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In October 2010, a group of parents from St Vrain started St Vrain Valley Parents of Gifted.  They currently have a google group where they can discuss what is working at their schools for gifted students, and get the word out to parents about local events of interest to this population of students.  The group also organizes monthly Game Days so gifted kids can get together and meet each other.  In the future the group may grow to include more activities and speakers.  Please visit: to join our group.

This is an invitation to become a member of the Northern Colorado GT Parents Wikispace. A wikispace, or wiki, is an interactive website where members can add content, make comments, and share ideas around different topics or discussions. It is brand new, so it is somewhat skeletal right now. The great thing about a wiki is that it is a continual work in progress — it will grow as we explore new topics and ideas relevant to parenting gifted and talented children.

Again, there is not much to see at present, but please take a moment to click on the link and become a member. Our wiki will grow as we all come together for discussion and information!

Membership is open to any parent of a GT student in the northern Colorado area, so if you have friends in neighboring school districts, please feel free to send them the link.

Let’s use this awesome technology to learn and grow as we raise and support our gifted and talented children!

Gifted Identification Dispute Resolution Procedure

Download (PDF, 44KB)