#svvsdchat March 12-16 A Culture of Collaboration

We’re excited to announce that our next #svvsdchat begins March 12th! Our topic this month: How to Build a Culture of Collaboration and we invite you to join educators from around St Vrain and beyond to discuss this topic.

Check out this page to learn about the #SVVSDChat and how to participate. 

See below for the questions for this chat on collaboration!

Q1 Day One Describe when you have experienced a culture of collaboration as a learner or an educator. 

Q2 Day Two What fears/worries do educators have to overcome to build a culture of collaboration in classrooms? How have you overcome these barriers?

Q3 Day Three How do you build a culture that is safe for collaboration for students? 

Q4 Day Four What can you do to encourage a culture of collaboration in your role now?

Feb. 12-16 #SVVSDChat – Growth Mindset

February 12th-16th, the ITCs will be hosting another SVVSD slow chat, and we’d love to have you participate. A special invite goes out to the Growth Mindset book study hosted by Duffy Nelson and Casey Luker.

Check out this page to learn about the #SVVSDChat and how to participate. 

This month the topic we will be discussing growth mindset. We look forward to hearing about the classroom experiences with regard to growth mindset.

Questions for the next chat:

Q1 What has changed in your classroom or your practice when you started to emphasize a growth mindset?

Q2 What is one tool or strategy you have sed that has helped students understand the power of yet?

Q3 What surprising struggles have you encountered within yourself when embracing a growth mindset? 

Q4 With regard to growth mindset,   complete this sentence: “I wonder…”


Jan. 8-12 #SVVSDChat – Join Us!

January 8-12th the ITCs will be hosting the second SVVSD slow chat, and we’d love to have you join!

Before we give you details, we want to pause for a moment and celebrate the success around the first #SVVSDChat! Check out the timeline of the chat and some of the highlights below.There were so many incredible educational resources and thoughts shared across the district. Exploring some of the options led to more conversations with colleagues and shifts in my thinking and practice. This happened because so many folks participated, we hope you’ll  join us again, and invite some new folks to join!

Check out this page to learn about the #SVVSDChat and how to participate. 

Questions for the next chat:
Q1 What is a professional learning network (PLN) and why have one as an educator?
Q2 What groups make up your PLN? (both online and offline)
Q3 How do you build and engage with a PLN?
Q4 How have the students you serve benefitted from you tapping into your PLN?


SVVSD Twitter Slow Chat #SVVSDChat

December 11th the ITCs will be hosting the first SVVSD slow chat and we’d love to have you join!

Our first topic will center around some of our favorite educational resources. Here are the questions for the first week:

Q1 Which educational video(s) inspire you as an educator? (i.e. TEDTalk)
Q2 Which book inspires you as an educator and why?
Q3 Which podcast inspires you as an educator?
Q4 Who is an educator that inspires you?


Q1. How does the slow chat work?

A1. Monday through Thursday during the 2nd week of the month the slow chat facilitator will post a question using the hashtag #SVVSDChat and Q1 on day 1, Q2 on day 2, etc. 

Q2: How can I participate?

A2: Answer one or more of the questions posted throughout the week via #SVVSDChat, and the corresponding alphanumeric sequence to the question you are answering. And/or respond to other people’s posts. 


Solar Eclipse Nearpod Resource

Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a great start to the new school year.

Are you as excited about the solar eclipse as we are?! We’d love to hear what you plan to do, or what you did with your students. Leave a comment or tweet us @svvsditc

Science Coordinator, Mike O’Toole, partnered with Nearpod to create a slidedeck that includes some questions, safety instructions and resources to get us thinking about and prepared for the upcoming solar eclipse. One of my favorite resources is the flying along the path and mapping the path from Esri. Here’s a clip.

ESRI resource of eclipse

Below is the Nearpod that you can use with students. If you want to have a copy that allows you to see your students responses you will need to add the slidedeck to your library. If you have a District Edition license you can find it in the District Library. If you don’t have a license but one one, go here to find out how to get one.

Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival is a wonderful free template gallery for Google Slides users that scaffolds the process of creating an effective slide show for users. All Slides Carnival templates contain the same slides and options, but different formatting, colors, fonts and layout. They are also all customizable. Unfortunately, Slides Carnival shows advertisements and does not allow downloads when on the iPad.

So, I added all the templates into a Google Folder and am happy to share them with anyone in the district. Please just click “Add to Drive” and once you have selected a Slides template that you like, go to File, Make a Copy.


Nearpod Collaborate

Nearpod has recently come out with a new feature allowing students to engage in an online conversation within the Nearpod presentation, called Collaborate.

Want to learn more? Check out Nearpod’s blog to find out more.

Collaborate can be used to ask students questions, and see each other’s anonymous responses in real-time. Students can respond to a teacher prompt either in writing and/or with an image.

If you’re a regular Nearpod user this can add another element to allow student voice in the presentation of information, without having to leave the app. This is also a feature that can be used for teachers wanting to engage students in an online discussion, with the safety of a closed community.

We’d love to see a presentation you create using this feature.

This week 5th grade students at Burlington Elementary were busy creating books about the early explorers.  They spent time examining who the explorers were their aims, obstacles and accomplishments as well as the impact exploration had on Native Americans. In this learning activity students worked on the skills of paraphrasing and using textual evidence.  Students were broken into groups of three to create a section of a book, once each section was complete Ms. Rovnak compiled the work into two class books. Check out their creations below!


Kapow! Remixing the Superhero Myth

LiamThe dashing and muscular young man flying in to save a damsel in distress is an image that has woven its way into the fabric of American culture.  Karen Ranglos of NHS challenged her students to think about this myth and the significance it has in modern day society.  After studying various parts of Marvel comics she challenged her 9th grade students to change this myth by remixing an existing hero and story to better represent a part of American culture that is under-represented.  Students both worked on changing the physical stereotypes of their superhero as well as remixing a part of the story.  Students then spent time analyzing the complex question of, so what?  How did these changes alter the story and why does that matter?

Stay tuned to see examples of the students’ remixed comics.