The Digital Learning Collaborative: Join Us

We know three things:
•    Learning takes time.  Time to play and explore and analyze and reflect.
•    Learning is a social process.  We learn best together and with each other’s help.
•    Learning about technology should be embedded within sound instructional practices.  But often it’s not.

For the past several weeks, Bud and I have been working on something we’re pretty excited about. It’s a chance to link those three statements about learning to the equipment, training, and processes that can transform instruction.

We’re excited because it gives classroom teachers in St. Vrain the time and opportunity to come together in teams to learn and explore technology use in  a supportive environment of constructive risk-taking.

Mostly we’re excited because we’re hoping you’ll apply to be a part of it.

The application for this program, the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) went out to principals in St. Vrain Valley this week. You’ll find a copy of the application attached to this post too.  To apply, you’ll need to select a team of teachers in your school who are interested in committing to a 2 year process of professional growth. You, along with the 3 teachers in your team, will each receive a mounted projector, sound amplification system and a laptop. Leaders don’t need to be “tech gurus” to apply. Really, what we’re looking for are team leaders who are good at working with their colleagues, open to trying new ideas, and willing to reflect and share their learning.

Applications are due back to Bud Hunt by October 22. The information you need in order to apply is included in the application, but if you have questions or comments, feel free to email us or leave a comment here.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in this new adventure.

(To download the application, click here.)


Several of you have asked to view a copy of the rubric that will be used to score applications.  You can find a copy here.

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