Doing Things Differently

At the beginning of the school year we decided to try something (sort of) new. We offered an open lab for people to learn more about Google Mail and Calendar. From 8-3 people could stop in the Clover Basin conference room and get some specific and personal help with their new email.

We also offered an online version of the ‘open lab’ as well. Bud hopped on Adobe Connect and spent time giving overviews and answering questions from the audience. We had a few schools that gathered together in a lab and viewed the web session.

We had about 15-20 people come to Clover Basin for help and between 40-60 people attend the web session. These sessions were not ‘required’ and we know we missed some people that wanted to attend but could not because they had other obligations or they just didn’t know about it. Still, this method of reaching people around the district is interesting to us as Instructional Technology Coordinators. When Bud was in the Adobe Connect room he was instantly in at least 8 schools at one time. He pretty much cloned himself 7 times and if you ask me 8 Bud Hunts is a wonderful thing1. As we move forward this year, we are going to think hard about how we can build capacity to serve you. Ways we can make learning as efficient and enjoyable for you as possible.

So if you see us trying some new things this year don’t be afraid to participate and offer suggestions for ways we can improve. We reserve the right to be learners, too.

  1. Michelle would disagree with that, actually.  8 Bud Hunts is just plain scary. []

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