5 Links Monday (on Tuesday 4.26.2016)

Happy last week of April!! We all know what that means…testing should be close to completed and about a month left of school!

Link 1: Due to the fast approaching end of the school year, my first link will be about Summer 2016 Tech Camp for all SVVSD educators. Your fellow teachers will be sharing how they are integrating technology into their daily practice – please come collaborate, plan and share your ideas with them!! Camp will be hosted by Longmont HS the first week in June. Click on each of the links below for more information and registration.

Link 2: I thoroughly appreciated this 11 minute podcast hosted by Vicki Davis titled THE JOURNEY FROM “JUST AWFUL” TO GREAT TEACHER: Taking the Leap of Faith with 39-year Veteran Teacher Lou Zulli. I found it refreshingly honest and motivating and I encourage everyone to listen. He reflects back on his experiences and feelings about transitioning from a very traditional teacher (Bueller…Bueller…) to Project Based Learning.

Link 3: How do you grow hydroponic spinach? You were wondering that too, particularly during times of e-coli outbreaks where it is impossible to find spinach anywhere? Well, now you know. Be forewarned: there is a recipe provided at the end that you can ignore. How can we get more students involved in knowing where their food comes from as well as creating food sources in areas depleted of nutrients?

Link 4: Having students explain their thinking was critical to me as a science teacher- it helped me determine what pre-conceived notions were insides students’ brains and what scientific concepts they understood or needed more work on. While this post from David Wees is for making mathematical ideas explicit, I find that it applies to many other content areas.

Link 5: Quiet Hour. I love this so much. What can we do as educators to ensure that students with specific needs can feel safe in the classroom or outside at recess or the library or cafeteria?

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