5 Links Monday on Tuesday May 10th, 2016

So somehow it is May, and there are only 11 days with students left in the year! Here are my favorite links from this week:

1.) Collin Rickman and Mike O’Toole team up to bring low cost microscopes to his science classroom!Using the lens from a laser pointer and some plexiglass, Collin’s students build microscopes with the same magnification of $300 models for a mere $11! Video below!

2.) 5 Ways to Put Students in the Driver’s Seat
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.24.50 PM
This blog post is a great summer read as you think about ways you can structure your class next year to give students more agency!

3.) After hearing that he was going to be replaced on the $20 bill, I did a google search for “Andrew Jackson” and found this gem: Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot that had to be taken out of his funeral for cursing loudly. Great article confirming this story here!

4.) Nuzzel!

While I really love Twitter when I have time to stay up on it, I often get overwhelmed by all I “missed” when I go a few days without checking it. That is why I’ve been so impressed with a free new service (and iOS App) Nuzzel. Nuzzel was created to “solve the problems of social overload.” It aggregates links shared by your friends and serves as a “finely honed news filter.” Link it to your twitter and give it a shot!

5.) Blue Origin’s landing! This GoPro footage of a spacecraft descending through earth’s atmosphere and landing 300,000 feet below was awesome! Check out this video here to see how fast it was coming in from another point of view.

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