This week 5th grade students at Burlington Elementary were busy creating books about the early explorers.  They spent time examining who the explorers were their aims, obstacles and accomplishments as well as the impact exploration had on Native Americans. In this learning activity students worked on the skills of paraphrasing and using textual evidence.  Students were broken into groups of three to create a section of a book, once each section was complete Ms. Rovnak compiled the work into two class books. Check out their creations below!


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  1. Class Book One and Two don’t open. They seem to be in an epub format. Is there any way you can please post this as a pdf format?

    Thanks. I look forward to reading these samples.

    1. Hi Tina,

      Try opening them on your iPad that should work for being able to view them. In the meantime I will PDF them but then we will loose the audio that the kids created.

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