Nearpod Collaborate

Nearpod has recently come out with a new feature allowing students to engage in an online conversation within the Nearpod presentation, called Collaborate.

Want to learn more? Check out Nearpod’s blog to find out more.

Collaborate can be used to ask students questions, and see each other’s anonymous responses in real-time. Students can respond to a teacher prompt either in writing and/or with an image.

If you’re a regular Nearpod user this can add another element to allow student voice in the presentation of information, without having to leave the app. This is also a feature that can be used for teachers wanting to engage students in an online discussion, with the safety of a closed community.

We’d love to see a presentation you create using this feature.

2 thoughts on “Nearpod Collaborate”

  1. I am interested in using Nearpod, but it seems that I need some type of code to use it. Is this an app that I must purchase to use or has the district done that or have I done something incorrectly?

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