SVVSD Twitter Slow Chat #SVVSDChat

December 11th the ITCs will be hosting the first SVVSD slow chat and we’d love to have you join!

Our first topic will center around some of our favorite educational resources. Here are the questions for the first week:

Q1 Which educational video(s) inspire you as an educator? (i.e. TEDTalk)
Q2 Which book inspires you as an educator and why?
Q3 Which podcast inspires you as an educator?
Q4 Who is an educator that inspires you?


Q1. How does the slow chat work?

A1. Monday through Thursday during the 2nd week of the month the slow chat facilitator will post a question using the hashtag #SVVSDChat and Q1 on day 1, Q2 on day 2, etc. 

Q2: How can I participate?

A2: Answer one or more of the questions posted throughout the week via #SVVSDChat, and the corresponding alphanumeric sequence to the question you are answering. And/or respond to other people’s posts. 


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