Jan. 8-12 #SVVSDChat – Join Us!

January 8-12th the ITCs will be hosting the second SVVSD slow chat, and we’d love to have you join!

Before we give you details, we want to pause for a moment and celebrate the success around the first #SVVSDChat! Check out the timeline of the chat and some of the highlights below.There were so many incredible educational resources and thoughts shared across the district. Exploring some of the options led to more conversations with colleagues and shifts in my thinking and practice. This happened because so many folks participated, we hope you’ll  join us again, and invite some new folks to join!

Check out this page to learn about the #SVVSDChat and how to participate. 

Questions for the next chat:
Q1 What is a professional learning network (PLN) and why have one as an educator?
Q2 What groups make up your PLN? (both online and offline)
Q3 How do you build and engage with a PLN?
Q4 How have the students you serve benefitted from you tapping into your PLN?


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