Feb. 12-16 #SVVSDChat – Growth Mindset

February 12th-16th, the ITCs will be hosting another SVVSD slow chat, and we’d love to have you participate. A special invite goes out to the Growth Mindset book study hosted by Duffy Nelson and Casey Luker.

Check out this page to learn about the #SVVSDChat and how to participate. 

This month the topic we will be discussing growth mindset. We look forward to hearing about the classroom experiences with regard to growth mindset.

Questions for the next chat:

Q1 What has changed in your classroom or your practice when you started to emphasize a growth mindset?

Q2 What is one tool or strategy you have sed that has helped students understand the power of yet?

Q3 What surprising struggles have you encountered within yourself when embracing a growth mindset? 

Q4 With regard to growth mindset,   complete this sentence: “I wonder…”


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