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Jennifer’s Reflection on our DLS Monthly Meeting

The DLS Learning Leaders monthly meeting is coming to an end, and we’ve been asked to do something that has made us uncomfortable. My teammates raised some good points about why they didn’t want to create a blog and publicly reflect on our practice. It’s uncomfortable, it expands our online presence, it forces people to process in a way that is different than what comes naturally etc.

One of the things I love about my feeder teammates is that they will raise the questions and be willing to do what makes them uncomfortable. Zac welcomed their reticence, responded with humor, great questions and a warm push to publish their reflection via a blog. My feeder team members relented and are currently responding. Somebody pointed out that we are getting to experience the discomfort that teachers may experience when we work with them.

Zac closed with addressing the tension that arose and acknowledged that he strongly encouraged the group to publish our reflections online, but said he would’ve given an alternative to post their reflections if a person refused. Both of these were evidence of “States of Mind,” we had looked at earlier in the meeting.


In general, meeting with my fellow Learning Leaders is fun and fruitful. Today we strategized the best way to support the teachers I’ll be working with at Sanborn Elementary during the Late Start. Kerin pulled out an awesome resource and I came up with an outline. I’m pretty excited to have an idea that will introduce the teachers to technology that will be used in PARCC. I will likely ask Zac for a great improv activity to use with the group.

I look forward to the next time I get to work with my teammates!