Internet Safety and Responsible Use

The Internet and technology are an important part of  teaching and learning. From communicating in online spaces such as our Virtual Campus and through email, to researching information through web sites, databases, and online video, to creating and publishing work using Google Apps and St. Vrain Blogs, we are proud to support an ever growing list of online and in-district digital learning tools.

We also realize that with the adoption of these tools comes a responsibility to educate students, staff and parents in their safe and ethical use. As a first step, we’d invite you to review our district Responsible Use Policies for students and for staff. These two policies outline the behaviors that we expect of our community in their use of technology.

Use the links below to access additional resources for teaching and learning about responsible technology use.

District Guidelines for 3rd Party Web/App Services

Parent information

Teacher and Administrator information (including curriculum resources)

Student information

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