New Year, New Filter – Lots of Possibilities

We’re going to be talking here on the blog an awful lot this year about the filter here in the district.  In accordance with requests from staff as well as an understanding that the Internet continues to evolve as a powerful teaching and learning tool, there will be more access available for students and staff in St. Vrain.  That means it’s up to all of us to make sure we’re paying attention to what’s happening in our classrooms and labs with students and teachers and the Internet.  There’s a lot of good stuff just waiting to be part of your learning environment, but there are also things you’ll want to consider and think about before you begin. We’ll get there – but for right now, you might want to learn a little bit more about the changes and touch base with others about your experiences with the new filter.

Head on over to the Help Desk blog and ask your questions, share your insights, and see what other people think about the new filtering environment in St. Vrain.

An Invitation

Welcome to the Instructional Technology Blog for the St. Vrain Valley School District. This little corner of the St. Vrain Blogs community is a place where we’ll share resources and information about making technology a part of your teaching toolkit. It’s a place to find answers and ideas that relate to teaching and learning with technology. It’s a place where we’ll gather together much of the cool stuff that we see happening in the district and the larger world of teaching, learning, and technology and share it with you.

More importantly, it’s a place where we’ll collectively communicate and collaborate to make exciting things happen.  That means we’re expecting to hear your ideas and answers through comments, questions and guest postings.  You know things we don’t.  And vice versa.  Let’s share them.

Students, you’re welcome here, too.  From time to time, we’ll ask questions specifically for you.  Other times, we won’t mention you directly, but know that everything that we’re about, and everything we hope is happening in your classes, is centered on you.  We want to hear from your parents, as well.  All are invited here.

We’ll be updating this space often, so be sure to check back in to see what’s new. Better yet, use an RSS reader (like Google Reader) or subscribe using the email link to the right.

Welcome. We’re glad you’ve joined us here.  Let’s get to work.