DLC Dashboard

The Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) is applying what we know to what we do. As part of a two-year commitment to professional growth, teachers work in collaborative teams to develop personal and professional proficiency with technology and innovative instructional practices, ultimately resulting in increased student achievement. In year one, participating teachers will be provided with time, training and support in learning to collaborate formally as well as to use laptops, projectors and other technology tools available in their school. Teachers will have opportunities to enhance their practice in a supportive environment of constructive risk-taking.  

While year one will focus on building teacher skills, year two will focus on giving teachers the time and resources to think about the intersection of student learning and classroom technology. Teachers will engage in an action research process where they identify areas of student need and apply technology resources as tools to increase student achievement.  Each team will focus on a team-identified need and work with curriculum experts on actively engaging students in learning through collaborative practices, inquiry, and challenge-based projects.

Gw – Schools currently participating in DLC    Yw – Schools who participated in a previous DLC Cohort

Rw – Schools not yet participating in DLC

Elementary Schools

Gw Alpine Elementary

Rw Black Rock Elementary

Gw Blue Mountain Elementary

Gw Burlington Elementary

Rw Centennial Elementary

Gw Central Elementary

Gw Columbine Elementary

Gw Eagle Crest Elementary

Gw Erie Elementary

Yw Fall River Elementary

Gw Frederick Elementary

Yw Hygiene Elementary

Gw Indian Peaks Elementary

Gw Legacy Elementary

Gw Loma Linda Elementary

Gw Longmont Estates Elementary

Gw Lyons Elementary

Gw Mead Elementary

Yw Mountain View Elementary

Gw Niwot Elementary

Yw Northridge Elementary

Gw Prairie Ridge Elementary

Gw Red Hawk Elementary

Gw Rocky Mountain Elementary

Gw Sanborn Elementary

Yw Spangler Elementary

Middle Schools

Rw Altona Middle

Yw Coal Ridge Middle

Gw Erie Middle

Gw Heritage Middle

Gw Longs Peak Middle

Rw Mead Middle

Rw Sunset Middle

Gw Trail Ridge Middle

Rw Westview Middle

High Schools


Rw Erie High

Gw Frederick High

Rw Longmont High

Rw Lyons Middle/Senior

Rw Mead High

Gw Niwot High

Yw Silver Creek High

Gw Skyline High