Technology-Curriculum Alignment Project

With the implementation of the new Colorado Academic Standards, the use of technology to support teaching and learning is essential. Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through all grade levels, evidence outcomes that require the use of technology to research, write, create and communicate are embedded across content areas. Meeting these expectations gives us the opportunity to rethink instructional practice and to redefine how our students learn. In St. Vrain Valley schools, we believe that the best way to ensure all students have an opportunity to meet and exceed these standards is by embedding the use of digital tools within all areas of instruction.

We realize that simply providing tools to students and teachers is not enough. It is essential to develop a cycle of embedded professional learning, frequent feedback, and ongoing refinement to promote continuous improvement and innovation.

The Technology-Curriculum Alignment project, a joint effort between the Assessment, Curriculum, and Technology departments, is an effort to:

  • build awareness of the standards and evidence outcomes across grade levels and content areas that require technology use
  • provide an alignment framework to ensure consistency in implementation across the District
  • highlight tools and resources available to use in mastering evidence outcomes
  • give guidance and support to teachers as they implement new tools and practices
  • create opportunities for feedback. collaboration, and refinement as the plan progresses

To learn more about the program as it progresses through each phase of implementation, use the links below.

Phase 1: Awareness and Alignment (Begins Winter 2013)

Phase 2: Professional Support for Implementation (Begins Summer 2013)

Phase 3:  Implementation, Feedback and Refinement for Digital Writing and Research Strands (Begins Fall 2013)

Phase 4:  Implementation, Feedback, and Refinement for Communication, Reading, and Data Strands


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