Why the ITCs decided to facilitate a monthly slow chat via Twitter:

We recognize that many educators in SVVSD are actively using Twitter and think it is a great way to connect educators from across the district and engage them in conversations around education. Our hope is to stimulate thinking around instructional practices and share some promising practices happening in classrooms throughout the district. The slow chat format allows people to participate when they are able.

Here is how to participate in the #SVVSDChat:

Monday through Thursday during the 2nd week of the month the slow chat facilitator will post a question using the hashtag #SVVSDChat and Q1 on day 1, Q2 on day 2, etc. 

Q2: How can I participate?

A2: Answer one or more of the questions posted throughout the week via #SVVSDChat, and the corresponding alphanumeric sequence to the question you are answering. And/or respond to other people’s posts. 

Archive of #SVVSDChat