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iPad Camp Presenters Wanted!


We are actively seeking presenters (secondary) to help us plan for and build Camp iPad 2015, two multi-day professional learning experiences for St. Vrain secondary teachers to help them grow in their teaching and learning with digital tools. Please complete the Google Form to express interest and to share your ideas, and we will get back with you to build your idea into a piece of the Camp iPad experience. Selected presenters and facilitators will be compensated for their time, expected to attend a planning meeting (sub provided) and will help us to shape this event. Please complete this form to the best of your ability.

Presenter proposals are due by April 13th. Feel free to submit multiple sessions if you would like. For More information, go to https://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad/presenters/call-for-presenters/.

Camp iPad for Secondary Teachers offers either a 2 day or 4 day option for middle and high school educators interested in the iPad as a tool for teaching and learning. The two day conference model includes hands-on sessions to share best practices from fellow SVVSD teachers while giving participants time to explore and reflect on their own practice. The four day extended edition expands the time for participants to collaborate, build, create and prepare for the year ahead. Camp staff will be on hand to facilitate instructional planning with school-based and/or content-area teams. Bring your own team, or make one at camp. Camp iPad is open to ALL middle & high school teachers and is free for SVVSD teachers.

During Camp iPad for teachers, you will:

  • Learn from colleagues working in a 1:1 environment who are are integrating technology into instruction
  • Reflect on your own practice while planning for implementation in your classroom
  • Explore models of digital practice and citizenship

In addition, the 4 day edition will allow you:

  • Collaboration time to redesign units or lessons in your curriculum area

Learn more at http://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad

(Registration for the 4 day edition includes all events within the 2 day edition.)

Camp iPad: Frederick

May 27-28, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

May 26-29, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE

Camp iPad: Longmont

June 2-3, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

June 1-4, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE


Contact Instructional Technology Coordinator Stephanie Schroeder (schroeder_stephanie@svvsd.org ) if you have any questions in the meantime.



How to back up your Notability files to Google Drive

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.11.07 PM

Unless you are backing up your iPad to a computer or iCloud, data stored in your apps, like Explain Everything, Pages, Notability, etc,will no longer be there if you need to wipe and restore your iPad.

Let’s say you use Notability for your observations of teachers if you are an administrator, and observations of students if you are a teacher. You are using Notability to not only write in notes onto the observational document, but also recording audio from the classroom. This can take up a lot of data, and the 5MG of storage in iCloud may be used up quickly. You can use Google Drive as a place to back up your documents.


Sign Up Now for Technology Professional Development!

teachers around a table talking

To help teachers gain security in their learning and teaching, the Instructional Technology Coordinators are happy to be offering the following courses to close out 2013. Each is a 4-hour commitment and will earn you .25 credits.

Using Google Tools in the Classroom

Nov. 13 & 20 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Kyle Addington & Zac Chase

Our Google Apps for Education suite has a wide variety of tools that can be used by both teachers and students. The goal of this course is to gain understanding of these tools and how they can support learning. We will focus on topics like organization and features of Google Docs/Google Drive, using and creating mailing groups, and looking into some of the lesser known applications teachers and students have access to. We will also begin to consider how using Google Drive on mobile devices can affect teacher practice.

St. Vrain Blogs

Dec. 2 & 9 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Zac Chase

St. Vrain Blogs is a free tool for educators who wish to incorporate blogging into their instruction or into their reflective practice. This course will be an exploration of the tool, a WordPress blogging engine, as well as an examination of the relevant safety issues and instructional opportunities and challenges posed by blogging in and about the classroom. Participants will learn how to blog for multiple reasons and will experience blogging in a professional learning community.

Introduction to Google Sites

Dec. 3 & 9 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Mary Ellen Graziani & Jennifer Peyrot

Google Sites is a simple, yet powerful, web authoring tool. You can make a classroom website without the hassle of having to learn things like HTML, CSS, FTP. By the end of this course you will have a start on a website that you will be proud to use with students and parents. We will start with the basics and move towards more advanced features.
By the end of this course, you will:

  • understand St. Vrain Apps, specifically, Google Sites
  • build an easy to develop and use website that you can use in your teaching
  • understand basic principles of web design and communication
  • explore several examples of Google Sites

MOODLE: The St. Vrain Virtual Campus (Level 1)

Dec. 5 & 12 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Bud Hunt

MOODLE is a free online course management software package that allows anyone to build course materials to make available to students. Discussions, web pages, assignments, handouts, wikis and quizzes are just some of the many tools available. This software is already available for your use at http://classes.stvrain.k12.co.us. By the end of this class the learner will be able to:

  • Create course pages with embedded resources and links
  • Enroll students and manage their accounts
  • Create and grade online quizzes, discussions, and other activities
  • Plan online extensions to face to face courses

Google Tutorials from Tempus Nova

If you’re looking to learn more about the Google Apps suite of tools, Tempus Nova has released a collection of short tutorial videos that are worth checking out. The tutorials cover everything from Google Mail to Google Spreadsheets and many things in between.

Here are a couple of Gmail examples worth exploring (note you may need to first authenticate to bypass the filter at YouTube in order to load these videos).

The New Mail Compose Features in Gmail

Organize and Send Mail


Here’s a link to the full collection.

Searching Google Docs

Searching your Google Docs list can be daunting, especially if you have hundreds of documents you’ve created or have been shared with you.  Here are a couple of hints and tips for searching your documents more efficiently.

Tip 1: Use filters to see only certain document types.

When you’re using the search box in your Google Docs, you can filter the search results by document type. Simply click the disclosure triangle to the right of the search box and select the type of document you are looking for:

Tip 2: Use search operators.

Just like in your Google Mail, you can use Operators to search for files with a specific owner. For example, if you’re looking for a document owned by Michelle Bourgeois, type “Owner:bourgeois_michelle@svvsd.org” to see all the documents owned by Michelle that are shared with you. Other operators include:

Operator Definition Example
“ ” Quotes To find documents that contain that exact phrase. “match this phrase exactly”
OR To find documents with at least one of the words. tacos OR nachos
– Hyphen Documents that don’t have a particular word. So if you want docs that mention salsa, but not dancing use… salsa -dancing
from: Documents shared from someone from:bob@gmail.com
to: Documents shared to someone to:bob@gmail.com
is:starred Items that you have marked with a star. is:starred
is:hidden or is:archived Items that you have hidden from the main Documents List by deselecting the Show in Home option. is:hidden
type: Search by the type of document. This covers: document, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, image, video, image_or_video, pdf, and textdoc. type:spreadsheet
before:YYYY-MM-DD after:YYYY-MM-DD Find items that were edited before or after a certain day. before:2010-12-01
owner: Search according to who owns the item. Searching by owner works best with owner:email address. owner:frank@emailaddress.com
title: Search by the item’s title title:”Conference 2010”

Tip 3: Search St. Vrain Public Docs.

If a user has made a document public to the entire district, it might not show in your documents list unless it was specifically share with you. To search all district public documents, click the disclosure triangle to the right of the search box and select “Search St. Vrain Valley School District Docs” from the bottom of the list:

Even better, all three of these search tips can be combined into a single search. Explore and see if you can make your searches a little more efficient.  If you’d like more information on searching your documents, check out this document from Google Help.

Google Apps for Education Resources

Screen capture from Google site Google’s recently updated their resources for students and educators who are using Google Apps for Ed in their school or district. Check out the resources by clicking this link.  Under the Teacher’s section, you’ll find lesson ideas and videos from other teachers who are using Google Apps as well as training materials for you and your students.

There’s also a section that includes updated news and dates for upcoming webinars. There’s even a Google Group you can join to connect and ask questions of other educators and the Google community.

We’d like to hear how you’re using the Google Suite in your school or classroom. Share your stories with us!