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5 Links Monday on Tuesday (3.10.2015)

1. This is an incredible TedTalk on Peace from the son of a terrorist.

2. iPad vs. Computer Typing Test: A teacher motivated to see if there is a difference in typing on a touch screen vs a traditional keyboard found some fascinating results.


3. This is absolutely amazing. Copies of 6 different pieces of art were printed with 3D printers to allow for visually impaired people to touch the artwork, enable them to “see” it at Madrid’s Museo del Prado.

“For us the sense of sight is the sense of touch. My view is to touch, and usually I can’t see the paintings others see in a museum – someone would have to explain them to me. But in this exhibit, I have the chance to see it with my hands.”

prado1image from The Prado

For the article, go to http://www.euronews.com/2015/02/16/hoy-toca-el-prado-please-touch-the-art/.

4. For those addicted to espresso, this will make your day: what a shot of espresso looks like from beginning to end in slow motion (120 frames/sec) from a La Marzocco FB80 espresso machine.

5. How to add images to Google Slides on an iPad. Por Fin.

iPad Camp Presenters Wanted!


We are actively seeking presenters (secondary) to help us plan for and build Camp iPad 2015, two multi-day professional learning experiences for St. Vrain secondary teachers to help them grow in their teaching and learning with digital tools. Please complete the Google Form to express interest and to share your ideas, and we will get back with you to build your idea into a piece of the Camp iPad experience. Selected presenters and facilitators will be compensated for their time, expected to attend a planning meeting (sub provided) and will help us to shape this event. Please complete this form to the best of your ability.

Presenter proposals are due by April 13th. Feel free to submit multiple sessions if you would like. For More information, go to https://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad/presenters/call-for-presenters/.

Camp iPad for Secondary Teachers offers either a 2 day or 4 day option for middle and high school educators interested in the iPad as a tool for teaching and learning. The two day conference model includes hands-on sessions to share best practices from fellow SVVSD teachers while giving participants time to explore and reflect on their own practice. The four day extended edition expands the time for participants to collaborate, build, create and prepare for the year ahead. Camp staff will be on hand to facilitate instructional planning with school-based and/or content-area teams. Bring your own team, or make one at camp. Camp iPad is open to ALL middle & high school teachers and is free for SVVSD teachers.

During Camp iPad for teachers, you will:

  • Learn from colleagues working in a 1:1 environment who are are integrating technology into instruction
  • Reflect on your own practice while planning for implementation in your classroom
  • Explore models of digital practice and citizenship

In addition, the 4 day edition will allow you:

  • Collaboration time to redesign units or lessons in your curriculum area

Learn more at http://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad

(Registration for the 4 day edition includes all events within the 2 day edition.)

Camp iPad: Frederick

May 27-28, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

May 26-29, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE

Camp iPad: Longmont

June 2-3, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

June 1-4, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE


Contact Instructional Technology Coordinator Stephanie Schroeder (schroeder_stephanie@svvsd.org ) if you have any questions in the meantime.



LTP Spotlight on Practice: Formative Assessment

Altona Middle School 6th grade language arts teacher Ali Knight talks about how she has established routine and used the iPads for formative assessment.

  • Apps mentioned in the video:
    Notabality– An annotation and note taking tool purchased by the district for every LTP iPad.
    News O’ Matic– An age appropriate news source purchased by Altona Middle School.
    Edmodo– A classroom management app Ali discovered. Used primarily for the quiz feature.

To see the full list of the SVVSD LTP Provided and Recommended Apps please click here.


Computer Science Education Week & The Hour of Code

This week is Computer Science Education Week (CSED), encouraging and introducing computer programming to students all over the world. Free activities can be found online, so anytime this week, try and spend an hour of coding with your students.

Colorado has their own CSED week with awesome events happening all week long in and around Boulder- check out the awesome activities and share them with your students!!



Tutorials online through Hour of Code can be found HERE.

A list of apps for the iPad for Hour of Code can be found HERE.

Great resource from Google Certified Teacher and Trainer Christy Fennewald – includes coding as well as other amazing tools by google.

Many schools throughout the district are participating and hosting activities for Computer Science Week, December 8-12. Help us share your involvement by completing the form below.
Not participating yet? Sign up to participate in Computer Science Week Activities, or commit to an Hour of Code activity in your school. Click here for a list of suggested grade level activities. If you have any questions or need help setting up an event, Please contact Axel Reitzig or Becky Peters.

Follow events, tips and examples from Hour of Code on Twitter #HourOfCode

Scenes from a middle school classroom

6th grade social studies- creating and comparing physical and political maps.


A student asks his group, “Wait, do we need to label the cities?” He raises his hand is about to ask the teacher when someone from his group responds, “Check the rubric.”

The student goes to their teacher website, bookmarked on her iPad, and scrolls to the bottom of the page, clicks on the rubric which opens up a table in google docs. The student reads aloud the expectations for full credit to the group. The student who originally asked looks at me and his group and says, “So yes, I need to label everything,”

The students showed me their physical maps which had been drawn by hand, then taken a picture of and imported into notability. Within the notability app they labeled the key features and exported the file to their teacher for an initial grade. While working on their political maps by hand, they constantly consulted their physical maps within notability to ensure the two maps were aligned and that towns and cities were accurately placed according to landforms.

On the board, the devices sign was turned to off- meaning the device could only be used for the apps listed below.




How to back up your Notability files to Google Drive

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 3.11.07 PM

Unless you are backing up your iPad to a computer or iCloud, data stored in your apps, like Explain Everything, Pages, Notability, etc,will no longer be there if you need to wipe and restore your iPad.

Let’s say you use Notability for your observations of teachers if you are an administrator, and observations of students if you are a teacher. You are using Notability to not only write in notes onto the observational document, but also recording audio from the classroom. This can take up a lot of data, and the 5MG of storage in iCloud may be used up quickly. You can use Google Drive as a place to back up your documents.


iBooks Author & the Colorado Flood of 2013

Over the past couple of weeks I reflected on all that has happened in the year that has passed since the flood. When we participated in iBooks Author training the other week I decided that I would learn to use this tool by telling some of my experiences during the Colorado Flood of 2013 and what followed. The book is still in draft form, but I thought it may be helpful to see a tech work in progress. Your feedback is welcome, please leave a comment or send an email to anderson_jennifer@svvsd.org. Thank you!

This blog has 2 parts, kinda like the book:

Part 1. iBook Viewing/Creating/Organizing Notes [Read this for notes on how to read this book.]

Part 2. Some of my story with regard to the flood and why I’m sharing it on the ITC blog.

 Part 1. iBook Viewing/Sharing Notes

1. If you want to read the iBook I created you will have to have the iBooks app downloaded on your device. Some notes on this: 

  • These files are too big to be shared through email, but can be shared through Google Drive.1
  • The file shared through Google Drive opened differently on different iPads. One of them was to find it through Google Drive App by title, after selecting on this link, the others opened it simply by selecting the link and not having to open the Google Drive app. The same thing happened with desktops.
  • If you want to share this with someone without iBooks you can save and share it as a PDF file. As you can see in the PDF version of my iBook, it will lose the fancy interactive widgets or other features like videos.

2. To create a book like this you will need to download iBooks Author to your desktop or laptop.

3. Organizing tips I wish I would’ve known before starting this project:

  • Create an outline of the book. I tried to organize photos beforehand, but found it would’ve likely been more beneficial if I took the time to draft an outline.
  • Organize photos or videos taken on your iOS device for an iBook into chapter or section photos, while making space on your device. This would’ve helped me to learn more about the tool and less time trying to reorganize later. I expect any first time learning to be messy, but this may spark an idea as you enjoy the features of the tool and your creation.

 Part 2. Some of my story with regard to the flood and why I’m sharing it on our work blog.

This past year I wanted to create something to thank those that supported my family during this time, and share an update for the interested folks that brought hope and beauty to our lives this past year.  Given this group included several folks from SVVSD2, and the surrounding community, it seemed an appropriate topic, more so to share it here. Then I realized that I could write about my experience using iBooks Author and make something that may support or inspire others in our district to create something awesome and help other learners to do the same!

When I attended our neighborhood commemorative event two weekends ago there were neighbors that expressed interest in sharing their stories and media in this book. I was glad because I had already decided that this would be a draft, as I had not properly organized the media for the iBook. So pardon the inevitable grammatical errors or empty pages.

Below is a motion picture and a section pulled from one of the chapters of the book:

As I look around my home, especially the basement, there are many reminders of the support that came from so many and not only restored my home, but helped heal and grow my heart. These are also reminders of the strength that came for us this past year, and the hope for what the future will bring.

The following pages present a few of the images of our home one year later. There are remains of the flood in small ways when compared to where were were a year ago. Thank you to all that helped get us here. It still brings tears to my eyes as I consider how much you all have impacted our lives. I do hope that my life will reflect your gift to me in the best possible ways.

Again, thank you for all that you’ve done for us, our family, the community and beyond. I look around my home, especially the basement, there are many reminders of all that has happened in the past year, and hope for what the future will bring.

Finally, to those that are still in the hardest part of the recovery process, and/or your loss included life, our hearts ache for you most. Our hope is all the support you need will come to you swiftly. If you need help recovering from Flood 2013 please email me and I would reach out to my network to see if there is something that might be of support to you.

  1. More information may be found on this and other iBooks Author stuff via this iTunes course. []
  2. I still hear the voices and see the images of my colleagues supporting me through this experience. A particularly vivid image is one of mud slinging in the face of our CIO Joe McBreen and Leroy Martinez carrying up the treadmill that Michelle Bourgeois and her spouse had carried down two weeks prior. Or Michelle telling me that she wouldn’t get off the phone with me until my dog was safe with my sister and I (it must’ve been past 8pm and she had been keeping me posted for hours prior). []

ITC Video Warehouse!

In an effort to provide more support for teachers across the district, we are attempting to consolidate our instructional videos/screencasts in one place (Yahhhh!!). That one place is the ITC Video Warehouse through Google+ pages.

The actual link is UGLY, but here it is.   https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105240169925394198187/105240169925394198187/posts

And the PRETTY link is http://bit.ly/ITCVideoWarehouse


Sharing is Caring.

email is itc-team-group@svvsd.org

AND…the newest video is how to move Explain Everything files to Google Drive!


Almost finished with the iPad deployment for Middle Schools…now what?

For those of you that have now received the golden tablets, you may be wanting to jump right in to using creation apps with your students! Yahh!! One little piece of feedback we have received is to have your students download their apps the night BEFORE you want to use an app.

How do they do that?

Find the Absolute Apps app.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.33.44 AM


Select the App Store and tap Install. It can take up to 24 hours for an app to install depending on the wifi in a building. Note: if an app has been installed, it will still say “Install” in the App Store within Absolute Apps. Check the home screen to determine if the app has downloaded.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.43.25 AM


If the app is not downloading, please ask your librarian for assistance. There are a variety of reasons as to why it may not be working, and they can assist you.

Community Building at LPMS iPad Deployment

In the last couple of weeks, the ITCs have participated in several iPad deployment nights. Events that have required countless hours of preparation from groups across the district. As the ITC point person at Longs Peak Middle School, it was especially gratifying to be a part of last weeks’ deployment. There were moments I felt like one of the students who could barely hold still as I showed him an iPad trick that I thought he would appreciate (his Mom told me that he told the most wonderful stories, I thought he might like the speech-to-text feature.)

Day After Deployment Excitement!
Day After Deployment Excitement!

This wouldn’t be a tech-based event without at least one tech problem. If success is dependent on what one/a group does when they face a problem then it seems this group has started off the journey well.

The snafu we hit on Tuesday night was small, but highlighted significant aspects of the LTP. These may be elements that will support the success of the shift in teaching and learning in our district. The deployment team recognizes that issuing the iPads is only the beginning. Long-term success will come as the stakeholders continue to support that effort. This shift in learning will require different things from the stakeholders, and our hope is that they will embrace this learning opportunity and change how we operate as an educational institution.

The snafu showed that it will take quite a bit of patience and understanding, as several groups of people had to wait and then be willing to work through the process. It showed the need to adjust, as DTS folk decided to move the students along and create a plan to address their needs in the immediate future. It displayed the need for all stakeholders to be involved. Finally, the snafu allowed us to see the importance of celebrating the small victories. One of these was a group of folks that cheered the final group member received their iPad.

The people working in the Apple I.D. room (one of the most challenging stations) had worked with many of the group members. When I asked one of them if they needed help, they told me that they were a group of family and friends that were waiting for the last member of the group got their iPad. The shout of joy and high fives all around, illustrated what can happen when a community supports an effort.

Celebrating the victories along the journey encourages us to work through the challenges. We know there are a lot to come, and we hope to be a part of a great community effort to create the best learning environment for all!