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iPad Camp Presenters Wanted!


We are actively seeking presenters (secondary) to help us plan for and build Camp iPad 2015, two multi-day professional learning experiences for St. Vrain secondary teachers to help them grow in their teaching and learning with digital tools. Please complete the Google Form to express interest and to share your ideas, and we will get back with you to build your idea into a piece of the Camp iPad experience. Selected presenters and facilitators will be compensated for their time, expected to attend a planning meeting (sub provided) and will help us to shape this event. Please complete this form to the best of your ability.

Presenter proposals are due by April 13th. Feel free to submit multiple sessions if you would like. For More information, go to https://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad/presenters/call-for-presenters/.

Camp iPad for Secondary Teachers offers either a 2 day or 4 day option for middle and high school educators interested in the iPad as a tool for teaching and learning. The two day conference model includes hands-on sessions to share best practices from fellow SVVSD teachers while giving participants time to explore and reflect on their own practice. The four day extended edition expands the time for participants to collaborate, build, create and prepare for the year ahead. Camp staff will be on hand to facilitate instructional planning with school-based and/or content-area teams. Bring your own team, or make one at camp. Camp iPad is open to ALL middle & high school teachers and is free for SVVSD teachers.

During Camp iPad for teachers, you will:

  • Learn from colleagues working in a 1:1 environment who are are integrating technology into instruction
  • Reflect on your own practice while planning for implementation in your classroom
  • Explore models of digital practice and citizenship

In addition, the 4 day edition will allow you:

  • Collaboration time to redesign units or lessons in your curriculum area

Learn more at http://blogs.svvsd.org/campipad

(Registration for the 4 day edition includes all events within the 2 day edition.)

Camp iPad: Frederick

May 27-28, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

May 26-29, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE

Camp iPad: Longmont

June 2-3, 2 day conference edition

Register now HERE

June 1-4, 4 day extended edition

Register now HERE


Contact Instructional Technology Coordinator Stephanie Schroeder (schroeder_stephanie@svvsd.org ) if you have any questions in the meantime.



Action Research

The new school year always ushers in a time of hope for both students and teachers.  It is a time with high expectations for learning and creating while having fun in the process.  Teachers implement new teaching ideas and strategies to help better meet the learning needs of their students.  What better way to analyze if  new teaching strategies are effective then by enrolling in the Action Research Model class!  This is a great course to take with a colleague as having a partner or team to discuss the inquiry process with is valuable (although not required!)  Interested?  Read on to learn about this fabulous class.

What is Action Research?   Action Research formalizes a process that we as teachers do every day.  Teachers start with a simple wondering that is based off their classroom observations.   For example: What if I used Reciprocal Teaching to help increase reading comprehension? Then the teacher strategically implements the strategy and analyzes both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the success of that strategy.  This is a process teacher do every day, the course Action Research helps to formalize that reflection and share successful strategies with other educators.

What are the course expectations?  This is a year long course offered through the Office of Professional Development for three credits.  The class is a hybrid course taking place both in person and online.  Teachers develop a research plan in September, implement their plan during the school year and evaluate their findings in the spring.  We share our findings at an Expo in April.

How do I sign up? Navigate to the Office of Professional Development website.  Then:

1. Click on “register now”

ARM Blog 1





2. Click on “View by Alpha”

arm blog 2





3. Select “Action Research”

arm blog 3







4. Complete the registration process


We hope to see you in the course! 

It’s Camp Time!


Attention, Campers!

The St. Vrain Valley School District Instructional Technology Coordinators are excited to invite you to apply to attend one of three special technology camp events taking place in the district this June.

First up, Middle School Camp iPad 2014 will take place at Trail Ridge Middle School from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM June 9-12. Fill out this application for your chance to join other SVVSD middle school teachers as they join their bunkmates in exploring the wild wilderness of iPads in the classroom.

Elementary school teachers are invited to apply for SVVSD Elementary Tech Camp 2014. Also at Trail Ridge, camp will be in session from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM June 16-19. Teachers will share stories, craft plans, and explore the technologies coming to their schools over the next few years. After all, aren’t Chromebooks the technological equivalent of the friendship bracelet?

High school teachers are also invited to apply to join us June 16-19 from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM for High School Camp iPad 2014 at Trail Ridge. Guided by expert counselors, campers will explore the iPads soon to be in their hands and hike through the possible paths to curriculum integration. High school campers will also be assigned their Learning Technology Plan teacher iPads during camp so they can help counsel the rest of their colleagues when they return to school in the Fall.

Applications are due May 2, and campers will be notified of their acceptance by May 9.

Campers can choose to receive 2 semester hours of professional development/salary credit or a $600 stipend for their time at camp.

If you have questions, please contact the ITCs at ITC-Team-Group@svvsd.org and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy Camping!


A New Way to Earn Credit for Tech Learning

One of the things we realized, as we started to coordinate and plan the implementation of the Learning Technology Plan, was that we wanted to build opportunities for teachers, parents, students and community members to learn about using technology on their own time and at their own pace.  As such, we started building the LTP Modules.  Think of these online modules as a menu of options to help you gain expertise in integrating technology into your instruction and into student learning and creation.  Here are the basic ideas:

  • Modules are self-paced and designed to take 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Modules include an overview, an investigation section, an application and discussion section, and a further investigation section.
  • Successfully completing a module means fulfilling both the application and discussion components of that module to the expectations of the module’s teacher.
  • Teachers may complete any four modules in order to receive .5 semester hour of professional development/salary credit.

To earn credit for their module learning, teachers should complete the following steps:

  1. 1. Browse the list of active modules at the bottom of this page or on the module page. Eachmodule includes a stated objective and essential questions to help you decide whichmodules best fit with what you’d like to learn.
  2. Decide how many modules you will complete and make that credit choice when youregister.4 modules = .5 semester hours of credit ($15) 8 modules = 1 semester hour of credit ($15) 12 modules = 1.5 semester hours of credit ($15) 16 modules = 2 semester hours of credit ($30) Out-of-district choice is 4 modules = .5 semester hours of credit ($50)
  3. Select the modules you will complete for credit.
  4. Complete the registration process through the Office of Professional Development.
  5. Pick your first module and begin learning!
  6. Once you’ve completed each of your modules, complete this form. Your modules’teachers will advise OPD of completion of all four modules.

5 Links Monday (for Tuesday 2.25.14)

Welcome to this weeks 5 Links. As always, these are the best links lingering in my browser since last week. This week, 5 Links will include an additional sixth link to help folks think about classroom management with devices in the hands of kids. If you’ve a link to a resource worth sharing with the larger SVVSD world, leave it in the comments below, or email me directly. Link up!

Link 1 – Professional Learning for the Third Teacher

The folks at Canon Design’s Third Teacher are all about helping to make educational spaces more, well, educational, helping teachers and students to realize their potential as designers and getting to think about space as informing the learning and teaching that is going on in our schools. While it’s not possible for all of us to have a few thousand dollars waiting to be spent on design consults, this page is rife with ways you can re-imagine your classroom space, and re-design the learning inside.

Link 2 – Citing Things? Maybe We Do it Differently

This article from teacher Shawn McCusker explains, “Why It’s Time to Change How Students Cite Their Work,” raises some interesting points about a perennially sticky issue of citing sources. If nothing else, it’s worth checking out to better understand modern citation tools and to have a conversation with your students about the future of their work.

Link 3 – Do More with Blogs

You might not know this, but I read every blog post that comes out of the district. It’s a great way to see what students are working on and to keep track of the amazing things are teachers are doing in the classroom. Some folks aren’t using blogs because they can’t decide what they want to do with them, or can’t conceptualize what effective blog use might look like. This post by Dave Guymon (via OPD’s David Baker) has some great suggestions for “Making Student Blogs More than Digital Diaries.”

Link 4 – Poetry “App” Your Fingertips

Thanks to Mead Middle School teacher Kara Davis for reminding me of the wonders of the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry app. Search by author, title,  even emotions and moods. It’s got a beautiful interface, and is great for keeping poetry within reach. Watch out, Norton Anthology.

Link 5 – A Better Way to Understand Deforestation

Sometimes, it’s difficult for students to conceptualize the scale of deforestation around the world and its consequences. Enter, Global Forest Watch. Their interactive maps help to put into perspective the effects and locations of deforestation around the globe and can inspire creative problem solving on the parts of students.

BONUS Link – Quality Professional Learning around Mobile Devices

We love Common Sense Media in the ITC office. They’re a great non-profit designed around helping adults and students navigate safe use of online and digital tools. This site is their dedicated page for professional learning for teachers. It’s high-quality and high reward.

Sign Up Now for Technology Professional Development!

teachers around a table talking

To help teachers gain security in their learning and teaching, the Instructional Technology Coordinators are happy to be offering the following courses to close out 2013. Each is a 4-hour commitment and will earn you .25 credits.

Using Google Tools in the Classroom

Nov. 13 & 20 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Kyle Addington & Zac Chase

Our Google Apps for Education suite has a wide variety of tools that can be used by both teachers and students. The goal of this course is to gain understanding of these tools and how they can support learning. We will focus on topics like organization and features of Google Docs/Google Drive, using and creating mailing groups, and looking into some of the lesser known applications teachers and students have access to. We will also begin to consider how using Google Drive on mobile devices can affect teacher practice.

St. Vrain Blogs

Dec. 2 & 9 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Zac Chase

St. Vrain Blogs is a free tool for educators who wish to incorporate blogging into their instruction or into their reflective practice. This course will be an exploration of the tool, a WordPress blogging engine, as well as an examination of the relevant safety issues and instructional opportunities and challenges posed by blogging in and about the classroom. Participants will learn how to blog for multiple reasons and will experience blogging in a professional learning community.

Introduction to Google Sites

Dec. 3 & 9 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Mary Ellen Graziani & Jennifer Peyrot

Google Sites is a simple, yet powerful, web authoring tool. You can make a classroom website without the hassle of having to learn things like HTML, CSS, FTP. By the end of this course you will have a start on a website that you will be proud to use with students and parents. We will start with the basics and move towards more advanced features.
By the end of this course, you will:

  • understand St. Vrain Apps, specifically, Google Sites
  • build an easy to develop and use website that you can use in your teaching
  • understand basic principles of web design and communication
  • explore several examples of Google Sites

MOODLE: The St. Vrain Virtual Campus (Level 1)

Dec. 5 & 12 4:15-6:15pm

w/ Bud Hunt

MOODLE is a free online course management software package that allows anyone to build course materials to make available to students. Discussions, web pages, assignments, handouts, wikis and quizzes are just some of the many tools available. This software is already available for your use at http://classes.stvrain.k12.co.us. By the end of this class the learner will be able to:

  • Create course pages with embedded resources and links
  • Enroll students and manage their accounts
  • Create and grade online quizzes, discussions, and other activities
  • Plan online extensions to face to face courses

K12 Online Conference Keynote: Launching Learning

The 2012 K12 Online conference officially launched today with a kickoff keynote entitled “Launching Learning” by Kevin Honeycutt. His session presentation is embedded below or available at the K12Online Conference website. In his session, Kevin talks about the need to build on the natural curiosity and excitement of our students to help them become architects of their own learning opportunities.

If you’ve never attended a virtual conference, the K12Online conference is a great way to get started. Over the next several weeks, educators and students from around the globe will share their learning experiences and invite you to join in conversation with other attendees. The sessions are typically short, video based introductions to a topic, with the opportunity to watch on your own schedule. There are also regularly scheduled live events where you can interact with presenters and participants online.

You can find the schedule for this year’s conference by following this link. Consider joining in a session and sharing what you learn!

Professional Learning Opportunities


As the summer winds down and you start thinking about the new school year, here are two learning opportunities to consider!

Teaching and Learning with iOS Devices
August 2, 2012. 8:30-12:30
Blue Mountain Elementary

Register through OPD here.

We’ve only got 10 spaces left for this opportunity to learn and share ideas for implementing iPod Touch and iPad devices into your classroom. Join your fellow St. Vrain teachers and Patrick Benko from Apple to explore new apps, new strategies and best practices to implement in your classroom.


Google Apps for Education Rocky Mountain Summit
August 2 & 3

Register for this event here.

The first annual Google Apps for Education Rocky Mountain Summit will be held at the Boulder Marriott on August 2 & 3, 2012. This high-intensity two-day event focuses on deploying, integrating and using Google Apps for Education to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. The program features Google Certified Teachers, Google Apps for Education Certified Trainers, practicing administrators, solution providers, Google engineers, and representatives from the Google Apps for Education team, including St. Vrain’s own Kyle Addington!

(Note that this event is not sponsored by the district and will require you or your school to pay for the registration. However, individuals can still receive Early Bird Pricing. To take advantage of this promotion, choose the Standard Registration at checkout, and then enter and apply the promotional code promo. You will receive $50 off Standard Registration.)

Google Apps for Education Resources

Screen capture from Google site Google’s recently updated their resources for students and educators who are using Google Apps for Ed in their school or district. Check out the resources by clicking this link.  Under the Teacher’s section, you’ll find lesson ideas and videos from other teachers who are using Google Apps as well as training materials for you and your students.

There’s also a section that includes updated news and dates for upcoming webinars. There’s even a Google Group you can join to connect and ask questions of other educators and the Google community.

We’d like to hear how you’re using the Google Suite in your school or classroom. Share your stories with us!


The Digital Learning Collaborative: Join Us

We know three things:
•    Learning takes time.  Time to play and explore and analyze and reflect.
•    Learning is a social process.  We learn best together and with each other’s help.
•    Learning about technology should be embedded within sound instructional practices.  But often it’s not.

For the past several weeks, Bud and I have been working on something we’re pretty excited about. It’s a chance to link those three statements about learning to the equipment, training, and processes that can transform instruction.

We’re excited because it gives classroom teachers in St. Vrain the time and opportunity to come together in teams to learn and explore technology use in  a supportive environment of constructive risk-taking.

Mostly we’re excited because we’re hoping you’ll apply to be a part of it.

The application for this program, the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) went out to principals in St. Vrain Valley this week. You’ll find a copy of the application attached to this post too.  To apply, you’ll need to select a team of teachers in your school who are interested in committing to a 2 year process of professional growth. You, along with the 3 teachers in your team, will each receive a mounted projector, sound amplification system and a laptop. Leaders don’t need to be “tech gurus” to apply. Really, what we’re looking for are team leaders who are good at working with their colleagues, open to trying new ideas, and willing to reflect and share their learning.

Applications are due back to Bud Hunt by October 22. The information you need in order to apply is included in the application, but if you have questions or comments, feel free to email us or leave a comment here.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in this new adventure.

(To download the application, click here.)


Several of you have asked to view a copy of the rubric that will be used to score applications.  You can find a copy here.