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How to back up your Notability files to Google Drive

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Unless you are backing up your iPad to a computer or iCloud, data stored in your apps, like Explain Everything, Pages, Notability, etc,will no longer be there if you need to wipe and restore your iPad.

Let’s say you use Notability for your observations of teachers if you are an administrator, and observations of students if you are a teacher. You are using Notability to not only write in notes onto the observational document, but also recording audio from the classroom. This can take up a lot of data, and the 5MG of storage in iCloud may be used up quickly. You can use Google Drive as a place to back up your documents.


ITC Video Warehouse!

In an effort to provide more support for teachers across the district, we are attempting to consolidate our instructional videos/screencasts in one place (Yahhhh!!). That one place is the ITC Video Warehouse through Google+ pages.

The actual link is UGLY, but here it is.   https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105240169925394198187/105240169925394198187/posts

And the PRETTY link is http://bit.ly/ITCVideoWarehouse


Sharing is Caring.

email is itc-team-group@svvsd.org

AND…the newest video is how to move Explain Everything files to Google Drive!


5 Links Monday (on Wednesday 8.13.2014)

Message from Zac-

I am in Washington, D.C. this year working as a ConnectED Fellow in the Office of Educational Technology in the Department of Education. While I’ll be attached to a number of projects, my chief role will be heading up the revision of the National Education Technology Plan.

Whilst Zac is away, the ITC team will share the responsibility of 5 Links Monday (on any day), starting with me, Steph Schroeder, the new ITC (I did not replace Zac, so please give me a chance).

Link 1- How to integrate iPads with Google Classroom

As many of you are aware, the LTP is up and running and iPads are floating here, there and everywhere. And, keeping in true form with the goal of global domination, Google has released a simple management system called Google Classrooms to help teachers manage assignments with Google Drive. But how do you use it with the iPad? Great question. Greg Kuloweic has created a screencast to help show how to use different apps on the iPad with Google Drive, so not limiting the use to Google Docs, Sheets, etc.

Link 2- Music Makes Cows Happy…and thus produce more milk.

What kind of music, you ask? Apparently they prefer easy listening and jazz, but it’s the beats per minute that are most important. More information about this awesome phenomenon can be found here.


Link 3- Supermoon!!

Did you notice that the moon looked GIGANTIC Monday and Tuesday nights? Science@NASA has created a great YouTube video explaining the Supermoon and Perseid’s Meteors that also happened to visible.


Link 4- Why It Is So Hard To Change Math Education

I found this metaphor by The Reflective Educator David Wees to be a great way to think about educational changes in general, not just math.


Link 5- Data Clouds Help Us Predict Real Clouds

Field Notes: Dan Magyar and the Help Desk

Dan Magyar, SVVSD Help Desk Tech, and I had a chance to ride together to and from the ISTE conference in Denver. On our way home Tuesday, we captured this recording where Dan talks about his presentation at the TIE+ISTE Leadership Bootcamp and his work in creating the St. Vrain Help Desk Blog.


Links mentioned in this episode include:

Promethean Planet ActivInspire 1.3 Core Resources

If you find yourself missing the essential images and objects and other fun stuff that you use to build flipcharts in ActivInspire, you can easily download a fresh pack of resources from Promethean Planet.  (You’ll need an account at Promethean Planet to do so, but registration’s free. Go ahead and create the account.) Below is a short tutorial that’ll walk you through the process. Click on the picture to see it in a larger, easier to read version.

Here’s the link to the 1.3 download.