Collections Update: New Feedback Studio Interface Streamlines Your Experience

Key Things to Know

  • Turnitin is now known as Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • Your default view has changed to the new Feedback Studio interface.
  • You may revert back to the “Turnitin Classic” view at any time.
  • Your data will remain intact when switching between interfaces.
  • Read our Feature Release Guide or watch this brief video for additional help.

Feature Release Guide ►

We are pleased to announce that Turnitin®, now known as Turnitin Feedback Studio, has a redesigned user interface within the myWriteSmart tool in Holt McDougal Online ( The new Feedback Studio provides a more streamlined user experience and allows quicker access to key features, modes, and panels.

After logging in, you will receive a brief, guided tour of the new layout. Should you wish to access the old view, now known as “Turnitin Classic”, you may revert to it at any time by clicking “Return to Turnitin Classic” at the bottom of your Feedback Studio screen. To return to Feedback Studio, simply click on “Try the new Feedback Studio” at the top of the Turnitin Classic screen. Rest assured that your comments and class data remain intact and no work will be lost when switching between views.

To better assist you, our Feature Release Guide contains visual aids to show the differences between the two interfaces and how to switch between views. In addition, this brief, helpful video explains the key differences between Turnitin Classic and Feedback Studio, as well as how to navigate the new interface.

Please note that the new Feedback Studio interface will become the standard display in the summer of 2017. As a valued Collections customer, we are providing you with advance access so you may familiarize yourself with the layout and functionality over the next year.

Our Technical Support Group will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the new Turnitin Feedback Studio. Please do not hesitate to contact them at, 800.323.9239, (+1) 973.368.0392, or through our online service request system.

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Logging in to Collections

The Gist:
NEW LINK FOR COLLECTIONSImage of Collections Logo with link to Collections Login
The Whole Story:
HMH is improving their processes for single sign on and for the automatic creation of accounts and classes. As part of the transition, they required a purge all existing accounts in HMH Collections.
What does this mean for Collections teachers?
  • The old HMH login page will no longer work, and teachers will want to delete any saved bookmarks.
  • A link to the new single sign on page will be added to the teacher and student Ceran pages. (Please note that this link cannot be bookmarked since the link itself contains a token request that times out.)
  • All previous SVVSD students, teachers, and classes were be purged from HMH.
  • Any notes, assessments, or other materials saved within the Collections program itself will also be deleted and no longer accessible.
  • Between Monday, August 1st, and Thursday, August 4th, fall classes, teachers, and students will be uploaded to HMH and teachers should again be able to log in.
SVVSD strongly resisted this purge and communicated with HMH that this was an inconvenience to district teachers and students. The publisher assures us that this purge is a one-time event and will not be an annual recurrence.