ELEM Curriculum Resources

St. Vrain Valley Schools (SVVS) elementary literacy instruction is centered around the grade-level unit plans. Each page below leads users to the unit plans by grade level as well a all supporting resources. Rather than teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening in isolation, SVVS embraces the idea that these skills and abilities are reciprocal, interdependent, and best when learned in context. This can be best seen in our commitment to and belief that all students deserve pathways to understanding and enjoying complex tasks.

In each of our elementary classrooms, students encounter, rich anchor texts as part of their whole-group reading instruction outlined in the Literacy Block graphic below. They then use what they’ve investigated in whole group reading instruction as a starting point for thinking about their writing and analysis of other texts.image of svvs literacy block components

All of this builds on the core values of SVVS literacy instruction: authentic reading, authentic writing, collaboration, critical thinking, and creation. Guided by these core values, SVVS teachers work to help students see themselves as lifelong readers and writers.


Grade-Level Unit Plan Pages


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Flyer explaining the shifts and content of ReadyGen. Click to download PDF version.