Culture of Reading & Writing: Faculty Book Recommendations

Following a conversation with the electives teachers at Coal Ridge Middle School about how to foster a school-wide culture of reading and writing, Instructional Teacher Librarian Karen Hoppis took one question “How do we help students see their teachers as readers?” and built a solution.

Hoppis utilized Green Screen by Do Ink to stock the CRMS library with teacher book recommendations that literally show students’ teachers as readers. Thrilled by this tweet, I asked Hoppis to write a few words about how she did it. Ever an overachiever, she created the slidedeck below to help teachers and teacher librarians replicate and build on her process.

Take a look. Make it your own. If you have other ideas you’re using to build a school-wide culture of reading and writing, share them in the comments below.

Building School 2.0

Speaking of a good read, this one by our own Zac Chase and his colleague, Chris Lehmann, is another  one not to miss!  Going way beyond just how to integrate technology into our classrooms, Building School 2.0 helps us to see what school can become.  Chase and Lehmann support a vision for our students and for ourselves that is well within our reach.  An added bonus, reading it is a lot like having a conversation with Zac and for those of us who know him, that’s a great thing!

Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need